15 Important Things That Determines Business Growth, Progress

15 Important Things That Determines Business Growth, Progress
15 Important Things That Determines Business Growth, Progress

15 Important Things That Determines Business Growth, Progress.

I have come across entrepreneurs encountering some difficulty in business by attempting to solve problems, to some I even shared in the experience. And while at some point it was an open opportunity to have learnt from my superior (Boss), while I worked with some organizations. It was fun because the glory of such was the ability to think in rigorous times and the privileged to learn.it actually birth solution for most achievement. Some iit could be temporal problems, and some could be your understanding about doing business and solving problems using strategies. But if you have to change the game to experience growth and progress, here are 15 important things that determines business Growth, Progress.

The foundation for a business that will flourish. For entrepreneur who has established his/her business solidly, can also however use such to increase their business values.

1. Understand in business its service/products people always needs beyond experience; in as much experience count. The ability to deliver clients’ needs is what retain customers.

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2. Awesome customer service can help your business grow. Everyone recognize the importance of customer service, but that doesn’t always translate into more budget
or a bigger team.

3. Understand that your starting off capital is adequate.

4. You need to choose the right support solution for your team, and choose it fast.

5. Your business/ service should be located where it can grow or attract customers.

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6. Delivering fast, personalized service is table stakes in today’s world.

7. The way you measure your support team directly influences the way they interact with customers.

8. How have you been building your business? Can it withstand competitors because it gives quality services/ products to users? So, build your business to stand among competitors is one among 15 important things that determines business Growth, Progress.

9. Have an existing insurance coverage against any loss.

10. Meet your customer’s needs before money rewards. Making costumers: If it’s a multipurpose establishment, at times customers would demand what you don’t have. In a case as this, the entrepreneur should tell the costumers “it will be available as from next week, next two days” by this, he/she has understood the service the customers need and by so doing, he has also learn how to retain customers in none availability of want.

11. Understand and manifest accurate costumer relationships. Treat your customers with respect, love, give them smile and let them be at home with you. I have taken time to study people I have found out that: “people like going to places where they are admired, atmospheres of good humor.” To me this is the best way to keep ur customers.

12. Practice Expansion. As a business grows, a good entrepreneur should be thinking of opening other units but with different Identity for security reason.

13. Let’s business be business. Remember not to involve politics, ethnicity or religion belief to your business. A business is where problems are solving and need are meet, not where segregation, criticism is practice.

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14. Build a team of trust. A business man who perhaps cannot trust someone with their money and valuables is not an entrepreneur. What make you a business person is to take risk solving problems and giving society values. If you don’t trust, don’t impact values you are probably not a business person.

15. And as a Christian I advocate tithes paying too. It keeps away devourer’s and canker worms. Doing this gives your business divine security and attract Gods favor.


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