EFCC Our Friends Than The Nigeria Police You Know


EFCC Our Friends Than The Nigeria Police You Know.

This is just a short episode and a wake-up call why Nigeria police should be serious about the role they play in her nation (Nigeria). I remember while growing up in the late 90’s, most children would want to become among (NPF) Nigeria Police Force; that gallant Police officer who saw truth and would allow justice to prevail by the power of his role to the society, irrespective of the who and who is you is involved.

I believe then was due to the courage they displayed to the society in tackling crime not taking part of the oppressor, the role our past leaders had shown by example. The police was the hope of Justice.

I also remembered those days without knowing my dad occupation as a child, I would say he was a police man if asked by a friend, in other to add to my ego, to receive the respect and glory as the son of a man who is serving his nation. Why? Because the police was told to be our friends. The police was a body to instill true justice. They were courageous, friendly in relating with the society, service ready in duty with the mindset of one Nigeria dreams as: ” we all need to build one Nigeria.”

Years down the line, the Nigeria Police Force is more as a body who are not concerned about the Nigeria dreams but politically driven and inspired to act it primary role it was established for. True justice is only seen in the amount of currency you can pay! The weak man sees the police as his last hope to run to for installment of peace and his hope for justice. Because definitely he might become the victims to what information he has if he lacks the financial competence.

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I have read several news and illicit act of most Nigeria police men from the media. In as much we love to be their friends, they don’t give citizens the right business relationship culture to be their friends. Simply because you can’t tell the police you saw or being a witness without being put to prison or detain to pay some ransom for bailout . Could it be related to society disfunction of leadership role the Nigerian government has not look into?

I can not answer these question, but I feel they can put their force to align with the Nigeria purpose and what we desire to see from their capabilities to serve our father’s land as the national anthem.

The Nigeria government has always made us to see NPF as our friends. But most to who I am included see The EFCC has been so friendly in the current administration of President to true justice in fighting corruption, just that money being recovered from looters by EFCC can not be accounted for, and it fight against corruption is a selective business.


We have seen EFCC as our friends than the Nigeria police force. This is rather a wake up call for NPF to create a much better and relatable systems to pass fair judgment and restore the ‘Hope’ of peace and justices in Nigeria to many who has given up trust to the police . And to achieve this, The Nigeria Police Force has bigger role to play, and be what it was like in the early 90’s and do away from politics but to protect lives and property.

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