10 Business You Can Invest 2 Million Above In Nigeria


10 Business You Can Invest 2 Million Above In Nigeria

Most times many Nigerians have the funds, but lack the important guide and management discipline to set up their personal business. But nevertheless we can flow along if you are included among those who want to invest enormous money either starting big or small, being an entrepreneur here are 10 Business You can Invest 2 million above here In Nigeria, and how to Start.

1. Dangote major cement dealer,combined with selling of building materia.
What is need:
Minimum amount of what is needed is 1million – 2.5 million naira cast help go a long way. What you need also: a pick up truck to transport client goods. Shop space wide enough to contain 200 to 250 bags of cements and above.

2. Selling of car-pot shade net. This requires being in partnership with big distributor or manufacturers. I actually know and have most of their contact.
What you need to start:
1. Warehouse to store your shade-net
2. Office
3.Cutting Machine
4. Sewing machine
Amount you need 2 -3 million above
Labour Strength: 3 staff as: sales attendant, who can also act the position of being a secretary. shad-net tailor, and a staff to deliver client demand if need be.

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3. Selling of rod and galvanize pipes. This business requirements means one has to gain it knowledge being an apprentice; which could be nine months to 1 year If one tend to learn this business. It demand much of human labor.

What is needed:
1. Large space of land to have your pipes arrange.
2. One or two supply truck.
3. 2 to 3 workers, depend on how you have grown the business. But most times, young boys working in such place are apprentices with little or no benefit based on agreements. But as the business owner you only have to know how to buy, and how to sell and market your service. There are association on every state.
Amount need to start:4million and above

4. Photo and lab studio. This platform is where one can snap, couples and modeling pictures do photo enlargement, and can also be hire to cover event by video and snapping up as well. The wonderful thing about this is that it can be merged with press work. I.e. one of such way you can become a force to be comply with in this field is to include the following:
1.printing of flex
2. D.I printing
3. Graphic design
4.web site designing
5. Mesh printing
6.Photo book designing and printing
7.photo and video event coverage
8. Cctv installation
9. Heat transfer
10.Photo printing
11. Car branding

What is needed:
1. wide office space of 3 bedroom flat or a wide space that can bee separated.

2. Di printing machine. One or two may cost (80,000) presently but based on it manufacturer model and size.

3. Flex printing machine may cost 800,000,00 to 1 million and above for 1 machine.

4. Photo printing machine now should be about 1.5 for a medium size that can print enlargement and 5by7. It come with different sizes.

5. Video camera (150,000, 200,000 and above).

6. Snapping camera ( 80, 000 and above). You need two, to which one is for studio and the other for events job.

7. Two printers who to operate that for the (Di printing machine and flex printing machine).

8. Experience press manager who knows everything about printing and management.

9. Website designer

10. 1 Branding personnel

11. Desktop computers

12. Cctv installation personnel.

5. Selling of kerosene. This is one man business, but there is a place for improvement if you consider it big.

What is required:
1. Meter reading
2. Tank for kerosene storage
3. Sale boy/ girl
4. Land space
5. Amount need 1.8
Such business is based on location.

6 Selling of dangote sugar, baking flower, salt. You become a wholesale distributor also. And as well merge it will selling of oil and ground- nut oil on large quantity.

Note: Such business is based on location that is not within a market area. It is run like a super market that focus on bringing market demand to home residents.
What is needed:
1. Wide shop space of 40 meter wide long and above. If not available two shop is much encourage to go for.
2. Sales person and off-loader
3. A delivering truck to deliver clients demand.

7. Selling of Electrical Cables. Such is beyond selling alone. This field is based on your study of engineering also. You can have those who went to technical collage as staff, to make it work load easy. The business function Is with the knowledge of electrical installation, plant/generator repairing, estate projects, house wiring and installation of Tv-Decoders. And you can still keep selling your electric power cable and other important electrical items. And you can apply consultant as part of it.

8. Micro finance banking. What is needed is office space, with a business location. You can partner with friends on this so to meet such amount in need. From previous information I learnt that with the amount of 25million above, one can start up a micro finance bank. One has to be first approve by C BN, and other regulatory bodies that regulate the banking sector.
What is needed:
1. Office space
2. Marketer
3.office device components and 4 computers, two color printer and one black and white printer. 3 Scanne
4. Experience manager with 5 – 8 years experience
5. Company brand and slogan
6. A car for business purpose and marketing
7. Accountant by field of study and other related field.

9. Selling of modern doors, tiles, chrome ( stainless steel) pipes and it components, Jacuzzi water bath of different kind and water heater, pop roofing ceilings. With 8million of this business you and good to go.

What is required:
1. Good business location of wide space of a 3 bedroom flat, or something bigger than such
2. Marketers
3. Delivering truck
4. Solid work group with purpose.
5. Accountant
6. Up-loaders as staff

10. Tickets booking. Your function is to book flight ticket for those who intend to travel with airlines within or outside the country. This business don’t require much, and it would be of bonus advantage if it is located in high business density environment. What is required is to learn such from long time professional who can be your mentor in this field adding to your experience you have attained from your year of doing business.

One interesting thing about such business is that, it can be merged with dollar exchange business to be of more advantages above competitors who are mainly based on booking of flights without additional services. Opening of foreign account, such as: paypal, payoneer, forex account and trading of forex.

I hope this help while deep additional research and finding is applied also.

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