10 Important 21st Century Business Steps To The Top

10 Important 21st Century Business Steps To The Top
10 Important 21st Century Business Steps To The Top

10 Important 21st Century Business Steps To The Top

What really differentiate a modern rigorous business man in the 21st century is what really shape him/her to become as rigorous, as classic and professional. Leadership quality is superb, integrity is checked! Trust is build, relationship are important; and impact which could be his/her influence is visible to the society. But if we look beyond the few listed above, I can tell can you “10 21st important Century Business Steps To The Top,” to understand if your business is really improving beyond the 21st century, or static. So join me as we read together.[How Integrity In Business Determine Your Entrepreneurship Life]

1. Stick to what you know

When I say stick to what you know, I didn’t mean sticking to un-improve attitude to business or services. I simply mean, stick to what your brand is created for and what you know! And improve on your product or service. Most times business individuals are force to accommodate multiple services, but if you are perfect in a single service, learn all it takes to become the professional of your service. According to Jerry Couvaras Ceo of Atlanta Bread company, when asked same question how he managed to get to the top? He said: ” When people emigrate, as he did, they tend to change field to find a new opportunity.” I think that’s a mistake. In South Africa, I was an investment banker with holdings in three retail food operations. Before I moved to the United State, I met with a successful entrepreneur. I asked him, “What should I do when I get to America?” His advice was: “Stick to what you know.”

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So I stayed in the food business, and that has become the way to success. If you’re a plumber, become a better plumber. If you studied to become a doctor, be a better doctor. Stick to what you know. The grass seems greener on the other side, but it’s not. Build on your experience rather than jumping ship. It’s easier to do different, new, and exciting things – but it is smarter to stay the course. I pass this advice on my franchisees-stick to Atlanta Bread company and you will get better and look better. I purchased my business in 1995 when it had two locations. Today there are almost two hundred.

2. Recognize the reward of success may come later.

We live in a generation where everyone who choose to enter into business wants to become the next Dangote from Nigeria, or Trump of America. But we have to understand business grows with time and investment before success follow. When I started blogging I came with the mindset to improve lives and that has been my goal. This has however improve my mind to be contented to give out values before I make profit from Hkitnob. I have made great friends from far and near, even if I have never earn the equl monetary value invested on this platform. I believe there is an achievable reward. According to Michael J. Critelli, Chairman and Ceo of Pitney Bowes Inc. When faced with similar problems in business he said, ” Ian Morrison, former president of the Institute for the Future, told me I had two choices as Chairman to either be a steward or be change of agent. And that reality I had was to be a change agent. The trade-off for being a change agent was that he probably wouldn’t get much credit at the time because a lot of the benefit would come after I was gone. He also taught me that peace of revolutionary change is usually overestimate in the short run and the magnitude of such change is usually underestimated in the long run. Today you may be doing a business that do not bring quick money, follow real success and don’t jump ship. Stick to what you know and your success rewards follow.

3. Learn to accept what change brings, or leave change

Don’t try to change that which cannot be change. Accept that which is given, change what you are able to, or move on to something else.

4. Go where the traffic isn’t

If you do what every one does in business, you may become the regular outcome of who they are, or maybe a bit difference from what they become. Such description is, if your belief is that every business man must cheat to climb to the top, you may cheat yourself out of business. Don’t do what everyone one does, but choose a course to where you want your business to be. This reminds me of a story of two American students who went to study business at one of the university in Indian village. One day, they both look through the window while discussing in one of the hall, and saw hundred of people who walk on bare foot. And one said, ” this people are so poor, and they can’t even afford shoes.” But the other saw opportunity to make wealth even if they were poor, he understand his business would sell more in Indian than in United State. He had to do further research and drew different type of shoes that they could afford even if they were poor. The next year, he put is all saving and borrowed loan and collaborate with a shoe company to mass produced rubber shoes. Today, this same man is one of the richest, because he discovered a need where the traffic was not. While his friend became his personal account after graduation. If you have business course or idea, look for what need you can solve. Don’t follow the crowd! It all about your dreams; determination, burning passion, perception to aim to succeed; beyond what you see. If most youths from Nigeria think they have to leave Nigeria to taste real wealth, perhaps they have failed discovering their purpose to solve society problems doing business.

5. You will never achieve more than you are willing to settle for.

Don’t settle for less. See beyond. What really matter in business is achievable result to any plans to better your business and improve on your service.

6. The only currency that has finite limits is time

So spend it wisely. Time will always tell the outcome result if you have been consistent or focus in business. So invest time to what has an outcome success.

7. You make money when you buy, not when you sell.

Let me also use this description that says, “You make money, when you spend money. ” Stop running after free things! They don’t mostly come with full details. But if you want to make real changes in business, be willing to sacrifice! That is when you buy to gain. It like a backer who loves cake but hate to buy flower mill. The outcome is-as long you don’t want to buy, you cannot sell original.

8. Get in too late, and get out too early.

9. Do clean business deal and know the good people’

10. Build a business of lasting excellence. I learnt about a story from the Vice chairman of advance Magazine group. Steven T. Florio. He said when he was about twelve years old he joined his grandfather at his carpenters basement workshop, and his grandfather said to him: ” You should start earning your own money. You will have to clean up the wood shop and I’ll pay you it worth.” Being a young child, he was so happy to start earning. Because he knew there are things he’d loved to have bought then. So he spent the next three hours to work and make the place look shine.

When he was done for the day, his grandfather went back to the shop. He observed, by what seemed like a very long time. Then his grandfather nodded slowly and said “Fantastic!” You can tell how proud a young child of no experience would want to get an appraisal for a work done.

His grandfather reached into his pock and handed him his wages -a quarter twenty five cents. A quarter? He asked, he felt been cheated, because he couldn’t believe that was the worth. Because in 1960 a quarter for three hours of work was nothing to an America kid. And his grandfather said to him, “I want you to learn something about the real world.” In as much cleaning up is useful, but it is not worth much. Anyone can do it. It is worth, maybe a quarter. ” Now if you had built something useful with these tools, a bookcase maybe-something that was functional-that would have been worth a bit more.” But if you had envisioned something new, something no one had ever thought of before, and if you had built that, pouring your heart and soul into it, well, that would have been worth a lot of money. Always remember that. So, craft your business vision from something different and lasting. Practice excellent and do things worth the time and effort.


Be known as the good and sincere business person, and people will patronize your service.

I am also using this same opportunity to ask you, how I can improve this platform “Hkitnob.” I look forward to read your sincere comment. Thanks. And don’t forget to apply the 10 Important 21st Century Business Steps To The Top. It’s mandatory for success.