11 Powerful Tips For Successful Professional Blogging

11 Powerful Tips For Successful Professional Blogging

11 Powerful Tips For Successful Professional Blogging.

Today I write about the important things and what you may have to consider if you are just starting up your blogging profession, or before your own a websites/blog to become a blogger and successful at it. What you should have and consider to put in place to start. So if you are not familiar with reading much try as much to read little to learn more that is one of such reasons if you want to become a successful blogger is reading to discover more.

Beyond the fun and funds, there are credible ways at which you can use the Internet platform to add values, and it can serves as a means to earn your view, like I’m currently doing by writing. So how you make use of it becomes an advantage, or rather, become a disadvantage to the internet. How much attention and concentration you give to it, is simply what determined if it becomes a professional job or you just having fun. One among few advantages of a blog is that you can write base on your passion to impact others who simply surf the internet daily in search of useful information. A blog should be considered to be a platform for more of values, and also a platform to promote social activities which comprises of business and social input. I.e, things that will contribute to the nation at which you reside. If your blog has nothing to contribute by impacting knowledge or promoting social business, you can improve on it.

The purpose behind why I became a blogger was just based on my passion to impact lives positively, but I never knew a long way journey await me to have attain some experience. I see individuals come into blogging for different frivolous reasons. For whatever your reason could be, understand you need much guide and plans! And one thing that I could easily tell anyone who may want to give a try starting internet business blogging should firstly consider the task ahead by having drawn out plans, for such can help promote your service before considering to start.

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 11 Important Tips For Blogging Successful 

1. Learn all the basics.

If you want to use blogger as your platform, Phpbb, Mybb or WordPress; learn about Seo, learn about how to surf the internet to get information and traffic. learning any of these basics put you to a position of advantage ahead of your new profession. I didn’t get to understand this on time, but I had to learn from the several mistakes that became my experience. The first platform I used was Phpbb, later to Mybb before I had to switch to WordPress.

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All of this other blogging scripts are awesome, but if you don’t have the basic knowledge it may become tedious to your blogging profession, and could make one quit if really they don’t enjoy it blogging anymore. So my encouragement to you is to either go for WordPress or Blogger as a beginner. So get all the basics.

2. Be Honest.

Be honest about what you want, and what you can do. Blogging is not as fun described by most individuals who want you to enrol so you pay few dollars without the mention of what is ahead. So to keep pushing your blogging profession be honest with your business, be honest with your reader be host with what your write. When you are honest, you think clearly and write clearly. Above all be honest with time..

3. Give It Commitment.

Dedicate your self to blogging. Learn and practice. Dedicate to implement idea so you don’t become bored with your profession.

4. Understand Why such choice.

Why such choice is a question you should ask yourself if really you can become consistent, or you may want stop along the journey. If you consider to stop after a little while, why taking the course at the beginning if you won’t be consistent. Major reasons why we have much dormant url or blog in the Internet is because some individual went into blogging to make money, but after much input, they were not as patience to harvest the fruit of the labor. And some go into it contributing junk to the internet. Please there are so many junk you can see online, you should not contribute to it.

5. Understand What your Purpose About Your Blog.

This also should become a question of the mind which you alone can ask, and achieve a reasonable answers. Just as purpose is mandatory for growth in life for everyone as humans, so we should also have plans and purpose to that which your blog is for. Except you’ve not consider it as a business, you are playing… Better go acquire other skills to direct you choice of course.

6. Have Long, Medium And Short Term Plans About Your Site/Blog.

Doing such and also implementing it is one of the ways your site and blog can improve. But if starting early we have to try to build a platform, before trying to get ads on your site. Early ads won’t motivate you if that was really the motive of starting one.

7. Draw Out What You Simply Want Your Platform To Portrait.

What you want and what you don’t consider. If you simply do not do such, along the line you will start following someone’s pattern, not long enough you will give up the reasons why you started the journey. And this becomes major reasons why we have what I call ”twins website’’ mostly common online especially in Nigerian. Many young blogger try as much to copy Nairland.com and this is simply why they won’t rise beyond nairaland. Do you know why?

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You can’t be using someone dreams and rise beyond them. If nairaland designed his forum to his taste, and today it has become one of the most popular forum web platform to Nigerians, why not draw out yours. Forget if I bust your bubble, it the real fact. Take time to draw what you consider your platform to be even if you are not good in coding, or programming, try to pay someone who can put your plans to reality rather than trying to copy others and failing.

8. Understand The Advantage To Have A Brand.

Yes you should have a brand. This will make someone consider your site relevant. Not using another site name similar to yours, like something similar to a popular site to yours. You may end up with frustration. I still love to use the example of nairaland. Some went as far using it similar names “nairlandport, nairahome etc…”, and later could not make brand in the business. Is simply because you don’t try to use a platforms that has already made names to rise up, it won’t work. I repeat it won’t! Have a good name and not a traditional name that will become a bug to the minds of others. And have a logo for your site. It will show you have nice plans.

9. Write Your Site/Blog Rules And Features.

You might have come through many site or blog which do not have such, I become astonished and wonder what they had in mind. The first thing I did was to write out some rules and plans, and consider what the features of my site will become. I had two names to go for, (Hkitforum and Hkitnob) but due to wrong mistake made during registering was never going to use hkitforum, today ‘Hkitnob’ is the name that I could use.

The important of having site rules can’t be over look and consider as waste of time. I have come across few site that went as far to write what I consider as poo, they will say; I rdquo: ‘’post anything readable.’’ Sincerely speaking such site won’t stay long enough in the field even if they had sustain few years doing what they are doing. I can remember a social network I came across in early 2005 – 2006, a foreign site named wanawap.com, today that site is no more a forum where you can chat. Simply they had no rules that guide the ways people should earn opinions. It was a platform to relieve the mind if you had a bad day, people go there to insult anyone for no reasons.

Why so many had left the field is due to no rules, plans, consist feature. And really no body would want to associate with what I consider as ’’flop‘’ in the internet, they could as well drop all the junk on your site, and look for somewhere to have real values. Don’t forget everyone need something on the internet, but when it time to pee, they simply know the site at mind aka 2go, etc… The bottom line is to have area of concentration. Have something you know you are good in doing, don’t pick a niche you can’t handle without the help of anyone, and when your site improve you could employ other helping hands to easy your workload. Focus on what you can do.

10. Seek For Mentorship.

There is the great need to have a mentor in every aspect of life. someone you consider to know much than you, who has experience and is willing to expand your view when you make mistake. With the help of a mentor or a coach in this field you can always achieve much. But if probably you don’t have, try to find one. [5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Can’t Handle Relationship]

11. Few Things Required To Start A Blog.

1. A computer.

2. A good mobile phone.

3. A modem, but if your phone has hot-spot it could as well serves as modem.

4. A domain. ( Your online address).

5. Host account, (Your online storage to save and enable your information accessible online to users)

6. What to write about.

What next, Start writing about your area of concentration, keeping up to date. And try as much to participate on social site where you can let others know about you platform. And there are some big platform which could as well help to boost your site authority, and traffic if only you do what is required of you. And some of this important social are:


Few important plugins to have if you are on WordPress to grow your blog, and increase your audience.

– Yoast SEO – to help rank your keyword on search engine.

– Jetpack – To share your link to other social.

– Mailchimp For WordPress: To build email list .

– Google Analysis: To understand where your visitors are coming from.

– Wp Super Cache: To speed up your site loading.

– SEO friendly image helps to rank your image on your blog could server as another means to get free traffic to your site if search engines rank your pictures.

Thanks to have read through. I am always here to guide you through if you need assistance.