12 Mistakes To Avoid In A Cv


12 Mistakes To Avoid In A Cv

12 Mistakes To Avoid In A Cv

I have severally heard most graduates complain they don’t get a callback for interview from most companies they have applied for their announced vacant positions. Not because most of these graduates are not qualified! But due to how poor these applicants Cvs are not well organise to point out the vital information the employer sort for, could be what may disqualified them. When I was still searching for a job, I usually do send my CV once a while, but whenever I did, it usually turn to give the attention I want from the company/organization. The call to come for the job interview. This is no magic, is simply because I have master not to make any of these 12 mistakes in sending out my Cv. Sure you have to avoid it also to stop missing your dream career job.

Having a well attentive and detail Cv is an area which has been widely written on, and most people fails to get this right but most of the articles are filled with conflicting dos and don’ts thus putting job seekers in more confusion state on how to have a well composed Cv. So, today I will attempt to identify some likely ‘dents’ in most job seekers CVs to get you a positive yes after reading the 12 mistakes to avoid in a Cv.

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1. Avoid the Copy & Paste Syndrome:

Almost all of us are guilty of this, right?
Sometime ago, I decided to help out some fellows from the internet to edit their cvs, but was surprised how some of the cvs I worked on look similar. The only difference was just the names, schools attended and locations difference. This usually occurs when you hire someone to edit your cv with no experience, or you copy your friends cv format for yours.

I also read a funny situation a dude wrote he was going through the CV of an applicant for a driver’s job few months ago, the young man can neither read nor write (because he could not fill a form given to him) yet his hobbies are reading and writing. In another case, a very smart looking fresh graduate was referred to him, he asked him questions relating to his course of study he did not do well until he addressed him as Economics graduate when he snapped in to ‘correct’ him that he studied business administration not Economics, he had no choice but to refer him to the CV he gave him. Oh! He exclaimed, “I am sorry I used my friend’s CV, I forgot to change the course of study”. Many job seekers inject their CVs with this kind of mistake and tag it as virus.

2. Unnecessary information:

Fresh graduates are mostly guilty of this. Because they lack skills, or no working experience they may tend to note every information that are not necessary to what the employer sort for, just to make sure their CV is ‘full’, they add “viruses” to it. Who says a one page CV cannot do better than two pages? What business of the recruiter is your home town or your religious denomination? He will find out those if he needs them before hiring you.

3. Avoid using ‘Jokey’ email address:

The content of your email address matters. Trust me, nobody and not even I will be comfortable sending interview invitation to headhunter@yahoo.com to come and hunt my head; because they may assume you to be a thug and such an official job is not for jokey or thuggery individual. Check if your email address qualifies for ‘jockey’ one and rid your CV of that mistake and use something more decent. If possible use my example could be Beloveddesmond@yahoo.com simple and professional. But don’t use my name for your email. Smile.

4. Avoid Incorrect/Insufficient Personal/Contact Details:

You must read over and over your cv to know what is wrong in details. I was once a victim of this trauma. Years back I wrote my cv without taking proper time to check what was wrong, and I kept on wondering why was I not called or emailed back. Only to do a proper review and noticed my cv phone number was ten digits. I also read a situation where somebody applied as an ICT manager many months ago, a very good CV (a candidate with the requisite experience and skills for the job), only for the HR to invite him for interview to discover the Cv had no of his contact information was missing. Other job seekers carelessly miss a letter or sign in their email addresses. While yet another set omit a number or mix numbers up in their contact phone numbers. All these should be avoided.

5. Avoid bad misuse of colors and design format:

I once saw a CV so nicely designed that I stopped for a while to look at the aesthetic value of the CV. Guess what? The aesthetics drew my attention away from the content of the CV I have to stream my eyes. Imagine a situation a white background and using a cream color. How do you expect such information to be see? Similarly, some CVs are badly formatted (using different font style inappropriately) that one wonders if they were not actually designed to put the recruiter off. These are mistakes to avoid in your CVs.

6. Avoid the art of telling Lies in your CV:

It is unfortunate that the competition in the labour market makes most job seeker stoop so low to the extent of putting false information in their CVs. Unfortunately for them, experienced HR professionals are good at identifying such lies. And that may put you in big troubles if you eventually get the job leading to your sack for false information and pretence.

7. Avoid the Novel type of CV, except it calls for such:

The longest CV I have seen is 12 pages for the post of safety manager, isn’t that amazing? I don’t think your cv has to be that long, except you are applying for the position of a professor or a job that requires more advance qualifications with years of skills and experience. Some recruiters are even of the opinion that two pages is the maximum for fresh graduates.

8. Using Photo wrongly:

I sometimes wonder who started the photo thing in Nigeria. And some dude/ ladies thinks their appearance can gain them the job. If you think appearance will qualify you for the job, it doesn’t in most case. And secondly what your employer seek is how competent you can deliver. Thirdly you don’t know, printing CVs with pictures consumes more printer ink than CV without pictures. Apart from this, instead of judging the content of your CV the recruiter’s attention is shifted to the object in the CV (your picture) and this might reduce your chances of fair assessment of your CV. This may be the norm in Far East and Europe, but sorry it doesn’t apply to us here (unless you are applying for a role in the fashion/modelling industry). When recruiters need your picture, they specifically request for it.

9. Avoid Spelling Mistakes, Typos and Grammatical Errors:

For those of you graduate who has sight problem or can’t see close letters, always give someone to read and review your cv after you are done typing. This will give you time to properly fix any typographical errors, than for the HR to identify such errors.

How will you feel if you are looking through a CV and come across “I have had sex jobs so far…” instead of six jobs so far? This mistakes (typos, spelling and grammatical errors) has been over flogged, so no point dwelling much on it. The good news is, hiring managers are not grammarians and as such they are not after your spelling mistakes, typographic or grammatical errors. It becomes an issue, and a serious one, if the flaws are visible enough to be noticed.

10. Avoid leaving out Information or Creating Gap:

I may not blame you for not being employed, for a while after graduating from the university etc. I will only see you as a bad hire if the vacuum shows in your CV without you accounting for it productively. So if you have that in your CV then it is a virus. Make productive use of the gap.

11. Duties instead of Accomplishments:

Highlighting the duties of the job you were/are doing is a waste of space. Rather than saying what your duties were/are, why not state what you were/are able to accomplish while performing those duties?

12. Avoid Irrelevant Experience:

In as much as we cannot justifiably fault recruiters decision to hire applicants with work experience, Job seekers should not leverage on that to give irrelevant work experience. Two weeks of relevant work experience is more valuable to a prospective employer than two years of shelves stacking (except you are applying to work in a book shop or library). Rather than give irrelevant work experience, why not identify the aspect of what you’ve got that tallies with your target job?

In conclusion, knowing the 12 mistakes to avoid in a Cv is to avoid them! Before submitting your next cv put you in a positive position to be call for interview. While avoiding all these mistakes, also attempts asking yourself some rigorous questions you expect from a job interview and answer them. Go prepared. This could be some reasons why most graduates don’t also get the job. They don’t go ready which make their cv and impression not tally. Check your composition of sentence and how you reply questions. Don’t go fidgeting! Be confident of yourself. I wish you good success.