15 Important Ultimate Gift For Discovering Your Leadership Strength


15 Important Ultimate Gift For Discovering Your Leadership Strength.

We all have leadership mandate that demand we keep focus on principles for reproducing and executing our dreams in the world we are. We are destined to achieve a course, to feel fulfilled which is never in our comfort zone, but to understand we are just on a test to process in life achieving. Your gift to leadership fulfillment are significant gifts. In this process there is a sense of responsibility that makes you want to feel responsible for who you’re, what you want to become, and what to do . I call this the 15 important Ultimate Gift for discovering your Leadership strength as well to help inspire any current or future leader reading this article.

1. The gift of work. Work is the cultivation of process. Everyone is called to serve, in there lies your gift to unveil your purpose. Life is a journey you just have to put your potential to test, so to know what you can do in working your process. For in work is your labor, your labor add dignity, give responsibility and brings respect.

2. The Gift to discover your seed. Your potential gift is beyond having children. Everyone possesses some kind of seed. That seed is a seed of potential purposes, and passion. That seed contains your future. Don’t allow your seed remains mere thoughts.

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3. The gift of Ideas. The seed inside you is your ideas. You have to nurture it to become reality. Sometimes we are force by circumstances that makes us want to think money is what we need to pave off the con. Yes you need money to achieve your day to day aims, but for a man who is not in a possession of physical cash, you need practical ideas and wisdom. The gift of ideas and wisdom can work miracles that create wealth when put to work. Never underestimate the value of ideas.

4. The gift of Money. You have to learn about money and how to create money from raw ideas, and what it means to manage your money. The clear insight to learn when run broke, so to appreciate how money works. You have to carry out test to be aware of those who are with you in your life journey, or those who practically care about the gain of your money.

5. The gift of Creativity. Being seed full involves creativity. I call this the seed of life. The ability to create new life is to become a creator, creating life is to reproduce your ideas tucked away inside yourself. Without the creativity one may not get far if they abort such gift in life process. Don’t become the beggar who runs out off provision daily. And doesn’t seem to make available use of the ideas inside him.

6. The gift to seed your Future. The key to life is discovering and developing. You have to invest your future to get reward from it. This is so mandatory! You don’t have to eat your investment seed, the gift to seed your future relies on what you can invest to have fruitful expectation. You have to master how to invest to what can attract resources (Money). This could be investing in business, know when to liquidate, buy and spend to seed your future in having the desired results.

7. The gift of Having Friends. You have to find someone, a true friend you can build trust with in the rest of your life. Love and friendship is not build by money, they are God gift to your life that comes freely. Don’t keep/have the type of friends who feels a little progress in their life makes you a failure to associate with them . Friend stay with you forever irrespective of color, height, occupation and achievements.

8. The gift of Learning. Do you truly know how to learn? You have to keep learning in all your life. You learn from books, you learn from yours and others experience. What makes you a true leader to your family, children, and society is to live to their expectation by keep learning sometime new.

7.The gift to solve Problems. Problems are part of life, but what you have learnt should guide you in love. You have to be in control to right and positive attitude to solve problems. Your action to deal with situations can be a remarkable event to someone’s life, or a negative memory about your personality.

8. The gift of Family. You need those that shares same hope and aspirations with you. You have to know what differentiate your family from a friend. A family are those who care about your life, health and goals. Don’t have misplaced priority to understand you have a family who loves you than a Friend.

9. The gift of laughter. Most times you just have to laugh you ways out of that challenges. So laugh out the negative memories and experience to a positive view of things.

10. The gift of Dreams. You’ve to get dreams that will encouraged you as life come with process. Sometimes dreams may not be so easy to achieve, but however the power of your dreams should keep you going. You may not have a dream, but you can help others fulfil their dreams so.

11. The gift of Giving. Giving should be part of your life. When you give you create an atmosphere to receive! Don’t be the man who want all but not always contented to give others. “Not until you start giving, you have never start living.”

12. The gift of gratitude. There must be a sense of gratitude. Sometimes gratitude needs to be express by words, sometimes you’ve to express gratitude with gift to show a sense of appreciation to others.

13. The gift of Love. You have to love others and appreciate them just as your Creator (God), love them. Love is not selfish or self acclaim. For God is love personified.

14.The gift to better understanding of Crisis. Have a positive view to every life challenges which are temporary. We simply can not rise above our thoughts if there is nothing positive about what we see.

15. The gift to appreciate the future, time and passion. Don’t live someone life and expect to value your life. Don’t choose your career based on monetary interest, rather have personal fulfilment is the only way to enjoy life when you apply passion and value to the usefulness of time.

I’m your Dear Friend and Brother, Beloved Desmond. Good Morning, You will succeed always. Have a winning day! And share with someone special.