15 People You Don’t Want To Mingle With

> 15 People You Don’t Want To Mingle With
> 15 People You Don’t Want To Mingle With

15 People You Don’t Want To Mingle With.

We all want to be happy and successful. Yet relationships have a key role to play in achieving these things. Having certain types of people around you can be so exhausting and negatively driven that you really need to filter your relationships if you want to make any impact in the world around you. To retain your energy and to be on track for success, you need to rid yourself of certain types of people whose characters don’t suit your personality. Not because they’re not humans, but because they are people who won’t stay in your life, but are temporarily with or around you just to enjoy the good moment and defame your personality. Living your life around such people is like taking a step forward and going two (2) steps backward. Such individual could change you if you cannot influence them positively. They really want to be good sometimes but it just that love who they are. So, I present to you the first on my list: 15 people you don’t want to mingle with as I read to you their attribute and funny attitudes.

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1. The Promiser. These set of individuals are gifted with the tongue to ‘make promises.’ They are the type of individuals who can build your dreams from the foundation of world to heaven by just making you hoping you have something to lay your life dreams upon, by their sweet promises. But you would actually become bemused knowing someone has peruse you; just to bamboozle your intelligence when it is the right time for them to fulfil their words. Please run from such men like you are running from the devil if you are a lady who find such men coming around you for marriage.

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2. The Proud Fellow. Pride cometh before the downfall of a man as said by the Holy Bible. If you are not familiar with the Bible you will also connote the reason Lucifer was throw from heaven by GOD was because he was proud. Such people are proud, un-ruling set of individuals that find submission as oppression and humiliation to their personality. They want the pastor in the church to greet them always and bow so they can feel they belong, even if the pastor is older than they are. Such people being a best friend mean you have to become ‘Humble’ as a lamb not to be slain. You dare not ride on their ship and make a decree even if you just intend to be playful. But they can tour with you on your ship and become the captain of your ship in the next minutes. Any attempts to stand against their order and argue is a battle line for world war 3. My brother such dude or lady can go out for evangelism only to stage fight with the person they try to convert if you don’t first agree with them. Hmmm, such people case doesn’t have a close chapter please let’s move to the next.

3. The Mr Impresser. What differentiate these set of individuals from the ‘promiser’ is that they act to please the present event/ occasion of the moment to obtain good names which they could later regret in secret. But the promiser will dare not do anything of such even when he finds his/her self in tight situation. They will only make promise to escape their way out. The Mr. impresser love to be called the “the action man of the moment, the nice guy and generous giver,” but his family has so much needs they lack. Such person as a father will never want to fulfill any promise at home, even if he could. Such man can help any lady pay her school fees for the interest to get sex, why his daughter had to skip a semester because his father lied he doesn’t have money. You may be shock if someone stop you on your way to say: “help me extend my appreciation to your dad for the 50,000 he sent me yesterday. Meanwhile 10,000 is just the only reason the child of such people could not complete a project. ”

4. The Mr./Mrs. Greedy. Sometimes it is good to say no when you have other budgets and no extra funds to assist others. But do it for good reasons and not for selfish purpose. The greedy fellows are everywhere…. You don’t have to include such people as friends in your list if you are seeking for important favor from God. Because if God could directly speak to them to bless you with certain amount of money, they can question God and decide not to. I use to have one friend of such in my days of kindergarten beginning, because I am still growing. This dude will come to visit me and demand anything which I could do if I have the funds. But on a very good day I had no food in my house, I was just praying for favor because man has not been paid. Just for him to show up in my house and say “brother what do you have that someone could eat?” Being a sincere dude, I replied brother nothing just praying for a favor and you showed up! Then he quickly attests he has nothing. Only for his girlfriend to call and demand for cash which he told her he was me, and she decided to come over. But behold before me and God, 1500 was brought out from his wallet by him and was telling me to hide the money which I declined. Such friends are the type who has 85 percent of battery to their phone, only to discharge your phone with 3 percent to charge theirs. My brother such don’t believe in the law of harvest. A lady who marries such men will have to prepare her mind to fund 85percent of the home expense.

5. The fraudster man/woman. Such people has no fear of God. They do not care about the future consequence. They can lie for a nation with every bit of opportunity they have. Your money with such fellow is not guarantee for return, just know that huge amount of money is not safe with such people. Such brother or sister who may be a Christian but we use the term of word ‘dubious’ to add little respect to their anointing. To know more of this people, I will only refer you to a post I talked about: ” How to identify good success.” You don’t have to trust such people with money or valuable items. The trust can be turned to injury. But whatever a man sow, that they will harvest in season of production. Stay away from such people like plague! For them not to inflict your mind with their contaminated bad habits.

6.The double Minded Drama Lady. Wow… such people can be fun to be with, but they are neither ready for what they are in. They can do anything to please you as long they are not carried away by someone who can either meet their financial or sexual demand. They are not always sure of what they want or what they need. Being in a relationship with such lady means be ready for the drama they will unveil in the future. Such ladies live in fantasy world! They are sure the pretty type but they believe a man who love them should be truthful with money than words, as long you are the elite. Your trust to them is after the bank will have to confirm from you if you actually approve such cheques to them, because you have to break record of their past to put them on their current position. My brother I will advise you, if your monthly earning don’t meet up to 7 digits and above, don’t think being handsome alone, faithful and compatible can take you to the altar with such lady. What brings fulfillment to such lady is when you meet 101 percent of what they demand. This actually reminds me of some years back. Waiting for a pretty lady from 2011 to 2015 only for her to say I must give her diamond ring if I want to date her. My brother that is not a wedding ring, that alone are few reasons I had to stop looking for a future wife till I settle the alter of God. Come to think about it, such lady is like an Africa native doctors who will say, go and find Dragon egg to please the gods. Where will you get such egg is a question that baffles understanding and cannot be explained how.

7. The low self-esteem individuals. such people love to get final conclusion from 10 persons before they take a step. Even if God the Father advise them, God the Son must have a say, and God the Holy Ghost must have to conclude the advice. An encouraging word to such set of individuals is a call of dispute if they err. They would either prefer collective of different ideas to put together which could simply cause them failing. Such individuals need more than one person to put the blame on. To encourage such people is a capital “NO,” so any fault won’t be later directed to you. But if you want to give them advice, don’t forget the use of such term of words that says, “take what I say, but do what is in your mind.” Let’s move to the next.

8. The pervert fellow. Some dude cannot resist anything in skirts, so are some ladies who have turn their self to refrigerator that any man can cool off in them. You don’t want to be among such fellow who have no sense of worth. Such lady as a friend can freely offer you sex and don’t mind to share what belong to their husband to you even if they are married. Such men don’t mind to satisfy their libido even if it they will have to sex a two years old child. You don’t want to be around such men/lady that your baby is not even safe.

9. The rumormonger. You need people who understand the importance of keeping their mouth shut and speaking only when it is relevant to do so. The rumormonger is great at talking not only behind your back but in front of you. The only thing is that they are distracting and can cause you so much confusion.

10. The chronic liar. Yes everyone lies. Sometimes lies can be purposeful and be well-meaning but what differentiate these set of people from the fraudster man/woman is that these people are lying machine. However, it is always important to surround yourself with people you can trust and value honesty. A chronic liar damages and sours relationships rather than bring in positives to them. They are always right to protect their image if they want to lie. Remember that for someone to lie to you, they will however do anything to convince you they cannot lie.

11. The Envious person. On the road to success, you will certainly have some successes and accomplishments whether small or great. Your friends and companions should be willing to celebrate and acknowledge such successes. In fact, they should be as proud of them as you are. However, the envious person wants all that you have and would go through great lengths to alter your future successes. Such Envious people can be the devil in person. Having such people in your life can drain your energy. Better to let such people go and move on with your life.

12. The Narcissist. Sometimes we have that someone who never thinks or considers other persons in their life; they are self-absorbed egomaniacs who are only focused on themselves. They only want to tell you how great their life is and how horrible yours is. The narcissist can be noisy and distracting with their personality. Rather than they allowing you to make the most of what you have, they would want every attention to be focused on them.

13. The judgmental freak. This set of people got no joy about anyone. Don’t be surprise if such fellow judge your shadow to satisfy their attitude problem. This type of person is always criticizing anything that comes their way. The world is not perfect. Such people do not notice this. They would not listen to the facts, but are great at becoming conclusive. It is hard communicating with such people as they are only misled by being overcritical.

14. The Freeloader. Such people are only good at taking and never giving. Yes they would flatter, but they would never contribute to your progress or journey to success. They only focus on how they will use you over and over again for their many desires.

15. The victim.
The victim never accepts responsibility for anything as they are always the ones who are wronged and maligned. They tend to blame others for their misfortunes and wrongdoings. Such domino effect of blaming this person or that person can cause you a lot of headache if you are trying to be there for such person.

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