18 Money Rules How To Double It Values

18 Money Rules How To Double It Values

18 Money Rules How To Double It Values


What is money to a man who perhaps love much money, and how do you consider to double your money value and stay wealthy. Knowing that would make you understand ” money with the right individual has so much values to accomplished set goals.” That is why I’ll be discussing “18 Money Rules How To Double It Values”

The general term for money definition is: The most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender. For most Financial blunders people make by devaluing the 18 money rules to double its value and stay wealthy, is because

Money to them serves two functions which is to eat and purchase luxury from their high, average or low earnings.

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Just as parents with poor money knowledge will advise their offspring, “go to school and read to get a good job with high pay.” And a friend with poor financial knowledge will become a debtor to you, and a leader with poor money discipline will only blame the government for his failures, hike of price to commodities.

The only thing men with no money ideas understand better is to earn, eat and spend on little or high luxury items. Saving is a sin, and investment is an embarrassment to their personality on how to spend their money wisely.

I am not against the taste to spend money, spending money should have reasonable budgets to guide you. Spending money on luxury is not wrong if you can afford such lifestyle, but it is advisable to spend on commodities that could double your wealth, increase your earnings, add to your financial worth and improve your incomes and also to reinvest into business, if you find yourself in the average group in the society.

Truly I’ve fathomed that the more money one have with no investments does not make anyone satisfied. If one lacks financial knowledge, 30 million is just like a coin that is given to someone with little or no plans for less spending.

Such money is just never enough to make wealth. I however got to learn about financial spending because my first job had to do with sales and accountability for materials the team sold. There I thought little about “Money in the hand of a business man,” but as we know, life is a journey with gathered experiences and learning.

From there I have work with different boss who had little or one general financial problem to which they saved little, but spent more like some individuals who love the elite kind of life of acquiring items.[Why Real Money Sometimes Don’t Equal Real Happiness]

How To Increase Your Money Values as Entrepreneur’s

1. Understand that money is made to distinguish the poor aside from the wealthy

Some said money is a spirit; some says It is a game. But whatever you see money as, you have to use it to your own advantage. If money is a spirit keep it pure, holy and make it work. And if you consider money as a game; then play it smart. The more you play the game, the better you get at it. Money can be understood to double your earnings.[How To Best Know Your Money IQ, Assets, And Savings]

2. Do not be money haters

A clue from the book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad,” the poor dad’s mindset about money was that: ” the love of money is the root of all evil” and the rich dad’s belief was the lack of money was the root of all evil.

I still see some who think money is evil and will criticize those who have it as evil, but still they pray to God for their financial needs. The question then is what is money to you as an individual?

Do you consider it for positive use, or all you can see about money are the evil men do with it?

It is like a situation where a young man sees a beautiful lady and say to her, you’re beautiful but I am not attracted to beautiful girls who don’t like philosophy because they are so concern about taking care of their self to put on makeup. And here is another guy who sees same lady and say: ” I love ladies who put on make-up and take good care of their body.”

Such lady will agree with you she love make-up and you not being attractive to her doesn’t mean she doesn’t have positive features. She will however reject you to look for what fit your idea about woman. So is money. It does not come to those who hate it and don’t see it positive uses.

3. Double your money game

Money needs a double game to bring more values. If you earn $20,000 you are ten miles from earnings $30,000. How to double your money is the game that you have to plan how to meet your target in 5 years in time. This has to determine with your risk value to handle money, and time horizon.

4. Money love seduction

I.e. what can you do to attract money. Of recent I had to pay to improve on how to attract traffic to my site, I have to invest to bring out the best quality of Hkitnob. So is money. Money doesn’t seek for desperate people, but for those who has plans for it.

Don’t let money seduce you, you have to seduce money with something it can be attracted and turn to you. Seducing money in the sense that can you make up your mind in putting your money into investment that will therefore liquidate to meet your financial target.

5. Time Your money

This has to do with understanding how to time when you buy, liquidate, spend and timing when to cut down budgets.

6. Avoid putting money in a boredom

Make your money work! Money can only appreciate and double it value when it is spending to achieve aims. Money hate boredom just like when a lady gets tired with a man, she has no other option than to look for another messiah and quit the relationship.

Money is not different from a woman because they don’t appreciate to be bore. Money goes to those who knows it use. That is what the bank do to those who love to keep money without reinvesting their money. Banks could use it for loan to get more money though there is interest the individual will pay for such loan. Money wants to be move, work and have result.

7. Have secret account

To double money value you need secret account that no one else knows about it. What is this account for?

It is a crisis account. A crisis account is not an emergency account. A secret account could help save your business and investment when you probably go through difficult times in business. So as a business individual, it is so important to set up such.

8. Avoid the luxury lifestyle and spending

Don’t fly first class until you have more than $20,000,000 in your account. Such money can pay 5 workers in an infant company for 2 years. Such is, cut your taste to meet other goals. But if you have the money you can and even have your private jet.

9. Understand your compensation plans

know how you get taxed as a business owner and know your benefit for creating jobs in your nation.

10. Exit the end of world mentality

Do you really know some people will never save money in banks or invest, because they believe if the world end today, or war strikes out they will never be able to have access to their money. So, for such reason they spend all they earn, and become afraid to invest.

You have to learn how to stay in positive control of your money even if 99 percent individuals are using same method. To exit the end of world mindset is to save and stay in control for what you spend on.

For anytime the world experience crisis, or crises takes place, a lot of people can easily become wealthy because a lot of things is on sales. When there is crisis, people sell their valuable because they cannot afford it. Homes are sold for one half of a price. So get to have strategies for such time in life to double your money value.

11. Study investment

Understand how the stock market in your county are being operate so you can understand when to buy shares, or when not to.

12. Play your game, don’t try to compare your financial strength

Don’t compare your financial strength or earning with anyone, not even your best friend. The difference between a man who earns $10,000 and the one who earns $22,000 is $11,000 difference. So at such moment keep your head high, for what is important is to never fall but double your earnings game.

Trying to compete with someone who earns much than you do will cause you to make reckless money decisions and lose your double earning. So, focus on your game, focus on your strength! Focus on your arrival, focus on your risk power and play according to the game. Your visions may not to be a billionaire, play to that game to meet your financial target.

13. Be more concerned and committed to meet goals and not the index

Most people are so concern about the index plans. Make your plans fit into the amount of income you earn; you cannot control your goals by focusing on just the index.

14. Befriend Money makers

If you stay around a lot of people who make money, you will generally know how to make money. And if you stay around people who criticize money as evil, there are few chances that you will get to make money. You don’t want to have friends who sees money as evil, and yet they live as destitute.

15. Diversify your earnings

Don’t focus you interest on one business, while you are making money. Ensure while you invest in one business, you could also invest %4 of your profits getting on your current investment to another investment. That is how you diversify your money.

16. Money is about knowing how to leverage it use

So, leverage your business to expand more, grow faster, meet sales.

17. Position yourself to gain more wealth

Sometimes it positioning, it is who you’re running with. But in doubling your money value you have to know what your Credit | Income | Savings and Investment is all about.

18. Have strategy partnership

In conclusion, money in the hand of a wise entrepreneurs should not only empower you, but improve the growth of your nation. I remain your Friend on Business insight.