20 Ways How To Make Your Mind Work For You

20 Ways How To Make Your Mind Work For You

20 Ways How To Make Your Mind Work For You

20 Ways How To Make Your Mind Work For You

Understanding how the human mind work is beyond the act of science, yet it is intriguing. According to researchers who have studied the human minds believe that most of us have not trained ourselves to consciously and purposely exploit our mind potential according to its powers, are infinite. Albert Einstein, who possessed one of the greatest minds of all times estimated that man uses only about two-tenths of one percent of his intellectual capacities. This should be no surprise when we realize people spend 99.9 percent of their time thinking the way they did yesterday rather than focusing on the future. They continue to operate, day in and day out, based on the habitual attitudes of mind they acquired over time, which are engraved into the memory like a scene. You can tell your subconscious mind to solve a problem. Your conscious and subconscious minds each operate differently in a completely separate, unique way, yet of course in complete harmony with one another.

On the other hand, the subconscious mind functions automatically on its own, but receives all information from your conscious thought. It cannot pose a problem to itself, it has not imagination, and relies totally on information previously stored. Only the subconscious mind can produce creative ideas and solutions, however. It’s true that when you imagine yourself achieving a goal often enough, in your mind, you begin to believe you can achieve it. They cannot be forced out, but today I’ll show you 20 ways How to make your mind work for you instead of against you.

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It is true that appropriate behavior, rational thinking and proper use of your mind will go a long way to reduce stress in your life. And if you want to change the way your mind works for you and not against you, take adventure in attitude. Forget about the way you now look at life and consider some original thinking that questions previous assumption. Here are some attitude tips to make your mind work for you and not against you. Which are:

1. Learn to let your subconscious mind brainstorm for you and work to solve tomorrow’s problems, while your conscious deal with today.

2. Live for the moment by using your conscious mind to concentrate on problems on the present.

3. Program problems require creative solutions into your memory bank. Then relax and let the power of your sub conscious mind take over to overcome with solutions.

4. Be a good listener. Be quiet yet alert as you take in the essence of what others are saying to you, and pay attention to their body language.

5. Avoid inputting inaccurate data into your memory bank. False expectation is based on false data. Learn to listen and communicate effectively, and ask questions when in doubt.

6. Don’t set up mental road-blocks. Practice keeping an open mind instead of jumping to a biased conclusion.

7. Think of what you have to do as easy, and it will become so.

8. consciously maximize positive inputs and minimize negative ones from your environment. Your mental health and attitude can be measured by your disposition to find good everywhere.

9. Remember your mind is result oriented. That’s why you tend to forget bad experience and only remember the success and good times.

10. Communicate and cultivate your relationship with your spouse/love one’s as though this person was your very best friend. Shared affection is one of life’s principle source for happiness.

11. Consciously input new images into your subconscious mind, and tomorrow will not be a repeat of today or yesterday.

12. Assemble brain power to solve problems as a group with supportive friends and associates. Start by trying to list as many solutions to a problem as possible, and seriously evaluate the merit of each option.

13. employ the “sharing needs” it is the success formula for every person you’ll encounter every day.

14. Make you days free of worry in the present and tomorrow.

15. Always try to make things better than they were.

16. Don’t try to do too much at a time. Break the tasks into portions. You write a book by writing chapters; you write chapters by writing paragraphs; you write paragraphs by composing sentences; you write sentence by selecting words.

17. always have a personal project on the go, and you have to keep interest in it.

18.Choose a specific behavior that best maximize your effectiveness.

19. Find a master goal that won’t fade away by organizing action of small projects that will lead to the achievement of this master goal. The first step of success is to decide what you want and the do them.

20. worry about decision only before you make them, in other words, at the time of evaluation. Once the decision is made, don’t ever look back.