21 Important Tips In Having A Perfect Day

21 Important Tips In Having A Perfect Day


Having a perfect day is to plan your day to meet your expectations. Neither can one hope without plans and expect things to go right in perfect ways. Sometimes most of us can be so expectant toward that which we demand to see and work to gain daily, we hope it draw near. Probably a day we have planned to do something new; travel, and make new things happen.

Every day is a perfect day! Because if carefully planned it will definitely be as perfect just as today. There is never a day so special than others, but we can outdo our past to make the future so special.

What could make today so special is equally to what you put and make out of it. Such as achieving goals, involving in activities that will make one much lively to their goals and dreams. And if we must have to make our lives perfect in consistent journey, we must have perfect decisions, i.e. strive to be the best to your daily routine.

Then what should one have to do in having a perfect day?

1. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead your steps daily. It is important you commit your activities to your maker, know that everyday comes with critical task ahead.

2. Have plans for the day to that which you want to achieve without consuming time to frivolous things.

3. Have Functions to what plans you have for the day.

4. Have set time for every activity.

5. Ensure you keep to time to any event.

6. When getting to meet someone always express smile and greet them according to the time of the day, It is important. No one loves moody people and over seriousness..

7. Don’t keep anyone waiting on an appointment. I personally hate waiting, so if you plan to see someone by 9am, keep to time and be there before the person get to reach there. And if it happens you can’t keep to appointment, call the person 30 minutes before 9am.

8. Appreciate people. How often can you say ‘’Thanks’’ to someone even when they didn’t give you a gift. I always say thanks to whatever conversation I have daily with anyone. It helps to make them feel you appreciate the moment spent with them.

9. Learn to explore new information daily. It amaze you how some people don’t do so. You don’t have to be an adventurous politician before you listen to politics. Or you don’t have to be a doctor before you take time to study about having a good health life, or learning about things that are part of your daily existence.

10. Say positive and bless words to people. Such as, “learn to make people happy.” You can’t have a chat with me daily without you getting to hear such words from me to you, such as; ‘’you’re wonderful! You’re the best.

You’re smart. You brighten my day, You’re beautiful and unique.’’ It helps to relieve their mind of stress and make them want to come around you. It doesn’t mean such words is used only on opposite gender or lovers. It should be applicable to everyone.

11. Know new persons outside your profession field, and get to make friends with them. You can’t say because you study a professional course every one who doesn’t is not fit to come around you. Just be the person you love to attract.

12. Talk positive as well thinking positive. It matters to what your day will become.

13. Emulate the attitude to be of help to others outside your home and friends. Help strangers and it may amaze you one day they may show you help when you least expect to get one. “The world is full of many people with self need, if you are that philanthropist keep impacting lives. ”

14. Plan to give your best to your job and appreciate your function.

15. If it happens you work with an organization do things as they demand. Not doing it your own way.

16. Learn to pick calls. And if it happens you are the busy type that don’t like to pick calls when someone is calling you, then learn to return back the call. And explain to them your function when they call.

17. Sometimes you just have to call friends once a while and check on them, be caring. Don’t copy me on this. I find it difficult to call, but trying to change that. That is why I don’t keep large circles of friends. But the important thing is always check on love ones and those that care about you.

18. Learn to celebrate others, and see others who would love to celebrate you too.

19. Stay off from negative and any gathering that is inconsequential to your personality. Eagles are not seen among doves.

20. Learn to master the word “No” when important. Do it for good reasons and not selfish act.

21. Only give your attention to positive news and information. You may say there are bad news all over the media, yes so true. Listen to the positive ones.