3 Important Tips On How To Plan Your Day

3 Important Tips On How To Plan Your Day

3 Important Tips On How To Plan Your Day


Good Day, Dear Friends, I trust your day is turning out a wonderful one.

Today take a pause, how have you try to understand the need of your time with God, man and your functionality to life?

There are 3 Important ways to help us save time! In doing this, we can regulate our schedule and also plan wisely in other to have values of our time. The psalmist said:

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom…” (Psalms 90:12).

Time is one resource that’s not in abundant supply which you must learn to use wisely. No matter how great or small has been given the same number of hours each day, but what you do with yours is what’s important. [Importance Of Time Management]

Moses had this in mind when he prayed to the Lord to, “Teach us to number our days.”

So, what should we do in making very good use of our time. When you wake up in the morning, don’t just roll off your bed and stumble blindly into the day. Schedule your tasks for the day and stay focused. And Secondly Is to ” Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you” into prioritizing your daily activities.

Ask Him to help save time, and you’d discover how much you’re able to accomplish for the daily basis. Then, your life will become productive, effective and progressive. And if you have not been doing any, that is why I am here to help counsel you by making good use of what I am sharing with you.

3 Tips How To Plan Your Day

1. Start your day communicating with your maker

spend quality time to fellowship with your maker in prayer and in exaltation words. Ask Him to guide you, as you schedule your activities for the day, and read your positive materials to improve your thoughts.

Don’t try to start your day with all negative news online, that may keep one much frustrated and their heart may be downcast by the worries of life, and how a politician stole from the country by what you read.

2. Write out everything you have to do

Giving priority to those tasks that are most important in achieving your life goals.

3. Throughout the day keep track of your time

Don’t get distracted from the things that you’ve purposed to do. At the end of the day, while reviewing the day’s accomplishments you’d discover that you’ve achieved so much, and your heart will be filled with gratitude to God.

Today learn to use your time wisely! It will give you the advantage by placing you ahead. Remember that life’s got no extra time, so make every day count by doing only those things that’ll improve your life, and advance the Kingdom of God.

Thanks and I see you succeeding having good uses of your time. Join me on this platform on Daily Inspired And Counseling With: Beloved Desmond.