3 Important Ways To Sustain Lead And Control Over Your Woman


3 Important Ways To Sustain Lead And Control Over Your Woman.

We have read or witness men whom can’t sustain lead and control over their wife or fiancee, and as a result of such it has scared most men neither being completely submissive to their woman, courting or married. And some are even scare to have a life partner. I believe most men know what I am saying… Whom may have worn that shoes could tell the pain when you can‟not exercise your power as a man in a relationship (union).

I used to be on such queue, but after a change in orientation in knowledge, beaten thrice it all became a history of my past! I am not saying you should rather become a hard dude to your woman and fiancee, or a control freak who turn to a woman beater. No! Just want to give seemliness of how to become the boss of your game. knowing how to have absolute control as the head!

For instance we hear some dude whiners” I’m so in love with this babe but she’s treating me badly, what do I do?”

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That was a long time ago and now I am wise and believe me I learnt from the school of hard knocks, this ladies dealt with me mercilessly until I actually sat down to analyze them and their ways and figured out the language they speak. If you think maintaining a woman is about excess love, showing affection, kindness, forgiveness, religion and all, I take your permission to allow me express it in a terms close to the word “bull shit!” You’re dead wrong, treat a woman too good, she will find an excuse to leave ( I was once dumped by a babe who later told her friend, I was too nice ). But they will stay with a rapacious man that mistreats them day after day after day. Even fellowship girls my church sisters are still tempted by young men of the world and leave their fellow fellowship brothers to look for bad boys to convert.

They are never satisfied with a squeaky clean good man. To them every guy that is too good is a nuisance, pretender and too perfect to be real. Even the ones that are married have only calmed down and become good in order to trap a husband that offers them security, or at least a husband that has managed to figure out how to regulate their button to factory reinstall state. Be wise Dude if reading this, don’t say I didn’t tell you, but don’t go and tell them I gave you the hint. Just be wise.

Maintaining women of all shapes ages and sizes is all about your lead and control! And not how romantic she says you are. The moment you lose control, you lose yourself and a woman will ride you till the very end. Some people say all sorts of rubbish, Oh my woman is not like that, she’s different all that one na story, tales by moon light of the 80’s .

Eve betrayed Adam, Delilah betrayed Samson, so who on earth is your woman that she won’t act like those that came before her? There are different levels of control. There is no control, artificial control and true control. No control is the default situation most guys fall into. They love a woman and believe everything she says in “the heat of passion (early influence of love and relationship). I’ll never ever leave you, I can’t wait to marry you etc, and deceive themselves into overconfidence and over love. Now let me break it step by step how to make you get it straight.

1. The No Control guy.
A no control guy does not know how to tell his babe “no,” and is always apologizing even when it is not his fault. Such dude should become ambassador of apology if there is such position. This set of dude makes me get annoy when I see how funny stupidly they act, even when the lady is at default. They want to please her as if they can, When they start exhibiting too much attention and love the lady gets bored and starts looking for a rude boy somewhere. Then her mind starts wavering and she starts telling you she need space, she may use terms of such words, saying she is confused about the relationship.

When you hear these words you’re in trouble. Unfortunately most young guy today no dey hear word… and they will start reminiscing about the sweet coated words the babe told them when the going was good and continue to misbehave and show over love and over affection. Meanwhile one bad guy fit dey comb the babe for corner somewhere. In the end the lady leaves and the guy is in a wreck, he cries… complaining to his friends begging etc… and at that point the girl no go wan hear again, anything you’re saying is a waste of time. At this point, most babes will bring up some of the dumbest excuses when she wants to dump you. She might regret leaving you later, but all that one na ‘Tales By Moonlight,’ that would only happen if by her late 20’s or 30 she didn’t get a suitor. And what matters is the wrecked condition she will leave you in at that moment.

2. The artificial control guy.
Artificial control works a lot in Nigeria today, and people exercise this level of control primarily by having money. This is what those called big boys and sugar daddies (Uncles or Cousins as ladies use to deceive the gullible ) commonly use to maintain their babes. Some poor guys starving on their pocket money, and University allowances even try to maintain this level of control to their own downfall. With artificial control a girl might screw around but will not really leave you until she finds another guy with better control than you.

The best way to use artificial control is ruthlessly! If you have money and control them with money make sure you take no crap from them or else they will turn you to a MUGU (chump), and you fall into the no control category even though you have money. Some guy has more than you somewhere. Some guys exercise artificial control through other means as well, such as being older, being in a bigger office, better school, living in a bigger house etc. Until the babe/lady meets someone with better control she will not leave but always remember! You are in control and use it to your advantage. Don’t boast about it though as they really hate it when you point out that the reason they are with you is because of artificial control (even though we know its true). All those threads written by dudes on most forum sometime who lose their woman are a result of the artificial control category. Control go, woman go. Dude without money should remember this ( University boys open your eyes), the moment you start spending to maintain control, you will never stop and this is a problem when you do not have money so students, graduate and people without money should avoid money artificial control as much as possible. You will only wreck yourself financially because they will only get greedier, and you will find out you cannot keep up and she will use the money you have used to better her looks, wardrobe and her life to find a replacement for you. They always want to upgrade. If you have money to spend it is okay to use artificial control just make sure you do it in a responsible way, not in a way chicks will use a chump to replace your name in their phones!.

3. The true control. In order to maintain this level of control means you are the true guru! It’s like graduating with distinction In your profession. You are the last don. The dude women trip and fall down for regardless of whether or not you have the financial strength.

The true control man is in control of EVERYTHING. He will not chase a babe/lady he cannot control or who he knows will want to lord over him. Before he spends his money on a woman he makes sure that she knows who is in control and spends his money sparingly, in fact she might spend more than him. If she tells him she is in her male coppers friends house sleeping because she does not have light he laughs and tells her hope he knows how to screw well, I know you’re probably lonely. It might pain him inside but you will never see it, because he knows that if she finds out he is jealous he is Completely finished!

If she feels he is not “jealous, she will correct herself and find call him 20 times a day to make sure he truly loves her. The guy who shouts at his babe and tells her what sort of nonsense is that ( why should she sleep in Mr Corper house with- Generator) is maintaining artificial control, “she will tell him she won’t do it again, and do it the next day and for the next 10 months, and get combed mercilessly by Mr. Corper- With- Generator and his colleagues. It takes 10 minutes for a quickie and that place does not have a gauge you will use to measure who did and did not do when she comes back.

Artificial control men and no control men should take note. In fact most of the accomplished true control guys have barricaded their hearts a long time ago. They show affection strategically and when a chick at least expects it. They are not always complete fool, they will send flowers and call a babe to check on how she is doing but they do it strategically and sparingly. Too much of ice cream and chocolate is not good. Too much visiting of woman is not good. Calling her more than she calls you is an equally silly idea. If she calls twice call once. What bothers other guys does not bother men of true control. Even if they love a babe/lady they will never show it more than the chick shows it. They say I love you three times a year. This sort of guy might love a lady but still screw one or two around to ensure that he remains in control of his senses. Sex is sex, love is a different kettle from fish.

Screw one woman too much, you might become silly and lose control. Fidelity is over rated my brothers, you can love a woman but don’t confuse it with being faithful. If she suspects you are screwing outside, that’s okay for them suspicion is good. It keeps her on her feet, she knows she can be replaced. When she sees that text message on your phone, tell her you are the only one for me and buy enough chocolate and flower and then leave her to think. But NEVER keep two ladies, you should have one babe and one you hang out with to maintain perspective and self-control, that way you won’t create unnecessary problems for yourself. If you are not on the financial capability of Atiku, polygamy is a bad idea. If you can retain control without screwing outside, fine for you. But the day your woman is caught screwing outside, you will feel seriously cuckolded and feel like a fool.

A true control guy will NEVER date a woman he cannot control. A woman who does not respect you is one you have no control and lead over. These women do not understand equality, look at the divorce rate in America down to west Africa! A true control guy has ALL control but he never uses money to control too much. He never makes it about money or how much he has.

Most true control guys have more money than the women they control, other much more skilled. True control guys may have less money but always make sure that she knows who is boss. Because once you let a women who’s money is longer than yours gain control, you are finished. A true control guy also has koboko control ( meaning he knows how to give it to her in bed, if you do not know better. A true control guy also has fashion control, he knows how to dress and be neat ( it might not be the most expensive stuff he wears, but he looks smart and neat always, he has fashion sense). A true control guy also knows how to tell his woman no, and stick to his no. They rarely say I’m sorry and always make a laugh or some other tactic to avoid using those words. A lady friends will beef this sort of guy in public and berate their friends for dating him but will secretly dream of screwing him. It even helps when the guy acts nice to the chicks friends, but not too nice (as in we are all age-mates level, respect must be maintained at all costs, chicks know how to disrespect a guy who plays with them too much). All men should strive to attain true control. True control will give you peace of mind and undying attention. Be wise, my brothers be wise, enough of these tears on social forums. These days more men come online to complain than women. This is a war we “have to win at all costs.” For the sake of the male reputation. For more advice, I am here all week. Remember I have been beaten before but I am now wise, I exercise true control now and take no nonsense from them. If you let them bring you down they will finish you and your village people will say it is the work of juju, and your uncles and aunties. Money is not everything. I know because I have taste both side