3 Reasons Most Black People Are Unsuccessful

3 Reasons Most Black People Are Unsuccessful

3 Reasons Most Black People Are Unsuccessful

3 Reasons Most Black People Are Unsuccessful

Have you ever wondered why black people are not as successful as other races? It’s not because our parents didn’t have much when we were growing up, it’s not because we don’t have as many opportunities as others, it’s not because we lack education. Now, of course, this post isn’t about all black people, just the ones who fail to realize their potential and go after their dreams. There are tons of amazing, talented black people who have the wealth-minded mentality and who are building business from the ground up! This doesn’t apply to those people. If this post doesn’t apply to you, don’t just disregard it. Go gather up your buddies, your relatives, co-workers, anybody that you feel can benefit from this blog post!

“Success” isn’t just having lots of money. Many people with lots of money have horribly unhappy and radically imbalanced lives. Success is continuously improving who you are, how you live, how you serve, and how you relate.

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So why won’t most people be successful? Why don’t most people evolve?

The more evolved you become, the more focused you must be on those few things that matter most. Yet, as Jim Rohn has said, “A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.” To be successful, you can’t continue being with low-frequency people for long periods of time. You can’t continue eating crappy food, regardless of your spouse’s or colleague’s food choices. Your days must consistently be spent on high-quality activities and your decisions must reflect in your future. Here’s 3 Reasons Most Black People Are Unsuccessful.

1. Always trying to impress people

We all know those black people who have to have designer this and Jordan that. They have to go out and get cars that they know they can’t afford. They put everything in everyone else’s name just to prove a point, but the only thing they’re proving is that they don’t even have the credit to get shit in their own name. What about those black folks who feel like when they go out, they have to buy the most expensive bottle to look as if they’re “balling”? We’ve all seen it! This is the number one reasons most black people are unsuccessful.

It’s because of this mentality right here! None of this is going to help you build any type of wealth. Spending money that you don’t have trying to impress people who really don’t even matter is crippling. You don’t own your vehicle, but you got them though. You don’t have any money put away for a rainy day, but you’ve got the newest iPhone, and you’re late on your rent each month, but stay in the club! This is breathtaking. This logic is what keeps black people from succeeding.

2. Would rather hate instead of supporting

This is a big one! Why is it with other races, when one of their own makes it, their family and friends are so happy for them? They run through the streets shouting about how proud they are of Sally and how she’s opened up her own business. All they want to do is know how they can help, how they can support Sally and make sure she succeeds in her new venture! Not with the black community! With black people, when someone makes it and does something out of the norm, it’s a problem!

“He thinks he better than everybody!” or “She don’t want to help nobody else, she all for herself!” It’s sickening! This is toxic behavior and a crippling mindset! Instead of being happy for Damon, you’d rather talk down on him and get in your feelings! We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Don’t be pissed off t Damon because he chose to do something with his! Instead of asking how you can get involved or be a part of something, you’d rather hate! It’s like the crabs in a barrel syndrome, where you feel like if you can’t have it, then neither can they! Having this type of mindset will keep you stuck in your same situation.

3. They don’t understand money.

The last reason why black people will most likely never be successful is the lack of understanding when it comes to money. We’re ignorant about how money works. We don’t have a clue and we are perfectly content with that! This is how to know if you don’t understand how money works. If you were to get a large sum of money, let’s say a million dollars, and the first thing you think to do is to go to the car lot and purchase a Rolls Royce, a Jaguar, or an Aston Martin, then you don’t understand money! If your first thought is to spend it all, you don’t understand money! Another misunderstanding that black folks have is the difference between money and wealth. Most don’t even understand that there is a difference. You can have money and not be wealthy. You can touch money, you can’t touch wealth. You can spend money, you can’t spend wealth. You can get a lot of money and spend a lot of money, and you’ll still never be wealthy. Black folks are ignorant about money because they choose to be. However, you can end the cycle! You can get educated and start making some success moves! It’s never too late.

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If this blog post got you all rawled up, good! That’s what it was intended to do! Don’t be mad! See, if you knew better, you’d do better! Now is the time for you to break the cycle. You have the power to break out of the cycle and be successful. Black people don’t have to lag behind every other race. You can turn it around and start building wealth today! You can stop balling, stop hating on those who are already successful, and you have the power to stop being ignorant when it comes to money. It’s not going to come overnight. To be successful, it takes a plan, it takes strategy, it takes time, it takes dedication, but once you make the decision to start making success moves, nothing can stop you! Don’t be a statistic! You can’t leave Jordan’s, designer handbags, and vehicles that aren’t even in your name to your children. You need to start trying to build generational wealth, so that your children and your children’s children are well taken care of