3 Reasons To Count Cost In Life Career

3 Reasons To Count Cost In Life Career

3 Reasons To Count Cost In Life Career


Today I believe is your day of unlimited success. I see you trailblazing new course to your destiny! The ability to meet all cost is inside of you. Where there has been a blockage will pave for you new road to achieve all your goals and dreams.

Good Day, Dear Friends. Happy New Month!

How often have you count your cost to what you’d love to accomplish either in business; education, career, personal life and to your love ones (families).

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In the Bible, Jesus Christ said to his disciples if you must be my (disciple), you must love Him than you desire to another, and should be ready to count what it takes to overcome the entire task ahead.

‘’For which of you, desiring to build a tower, doesn’t first sit down and count the cost, to see if he has enough to complete it? Or perhaps, when he has laid a foundation, and is not able to finish, everyone who sees begins to mock him saying ‘This man began to build, and wasn’t able to finish.’

Or what king, as he goes to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? (Luke 14:28- 31 web).’’

A wonderful story shared by a business mentor, Strive Masiyiwa. About a professional hunter who had a friend who always wanted to go with him on one of his hunts. So one day he said to his friend, “I have a permit to go into the Zambezi Valley and hunt for a buffalo. Would you like to come with me?”

The friend was ecstatic at the opportunity. “When do we go?” he asked. “In about six months time, but before then I have to train you about hunting.”

For the next six months the two men met every day, and they discussed and planned for the trip. The hunter’s friend was surprised by how meticulous the hunter was about everything. “He taught him about the bush, and how to survive in it. He taught him everything about buffaloes.

You must respect the buffalo, he said, “because it’s a very intelligent animal, and it is also extremely dangerous.” He gave him lots of books to read, about hunting and buffaloes. During that time, the friend also trained every day at the shooting range.

He understood by then the different types of guns used to hunt buffalo. He also had to do fitness training, which surprised him. “You can die out there if you are not fit,” his friend explained. He was totally astounded by what he was learning about hunting.

“Until now, I thought all you do is just go out and shoot, but now I know there’s more to this than meets the eye!” he exclaimed. When the day came, the two men set out into the wild bush of the Zambezi Valley, one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

It is also inhospitably hot, and the terrain is tough. They’d been tracking one single animal for 5 days, and the hunter’s friend was totally exhausted. He watched as his friend patiently made meticulous plans every single day.

The hunter seamed to take forever, from the point of view of his friend. Sometimes they would walk, and sometimes they would sit for hours.

The hunter was always looking around, scanning the bushes, not even (it appeared) always paying attention to the surrounding areas more than the buffalo. “Why can’t he just shoot and we go home!?” He was getting tired of this, as they walked almost 50 miles a day.

He was also hungry most of the time, as they only ate rations of dried meat and fruit, most of the time. The hunter looked at the animal through his gun sight over and over every day, but wouldn’t take a shot.

Sometimes they appeared so close, but he still did not do anything. It was the fifth day: The animal was in sight again, but the hunter was going through his routine again. The friend sat in the bushes, when suddenly a rabbit appeared in front of him and he thought to himself, “At least if I shoot this rabbit, we can have meat tonight. I’m tired of dry rations.

“So he pulled out his gun and fired once. The rabbit disappeared, as he had missed anyway, but so did the buffalo, and with it, the entire herd. The hunter looked at him in total horror and disbelief! Then he shouted, “Run, or you die!” as he took off.

They almost got stampeded by an entire herd that seemed to appear from nowhere. Also, suddenly there were lions everywhere that he had not seen before! But for the skills of the hunter, who led them both to safety, they could have died. The buffalo was gone. The hunt was over. They had to return home, empty-handed.

The “friend” here could be anyone. You must choose people who not only understand that you are on a buffalo hunt, but also what it takes to secure the prize. More often than not, you will find that whilst people will understand the vision when you start off, once the going gets tough, they replace that vision with their own narrow vision of the rabbit hunt.

It takes great leadership to keep everyone in the buffalo hunt.- “Strive Masiyiwa”

How Do You Count Cost In Life Career

1. Have Complete Details Of Your Plans

It is mandatory if one would have beautiful fulfilment, one should have full details of what they tend to embark on. Sometimes people fail; project becomes unachieved and goals are never executed, not because they didn’t plan to have a finished goal.

It as a result of not taking accurate analyses, managerial skills that involves and practical steps it will take to achieve such goal, being prepared.

2. Have Complete Budget For Your Goals And How To Meet The Need

When embarking on daily activities we know that certain amount would convey us to and fro as transportation fees. Same is applicable to house building, career, business and any event that could pilot the affairs of your life.

The important of taking analysis is to enable you understand what it would cost to achieve a task, being aware of what it will take to have a complete achievement. If you must become great a achiever, you must become an individual who plan to excel in profession and career.

You should know what it means to plan, and how to plan draw out plant by numbering the first basic and important need. Count your cost to avoid abandoning that which you have started. Things don’t complete themselves if we don’t plan with the mind of completing it.

3. Prepare Alternative Strategy

The key to an achievement is to know the cost even if it takes you to fail and continue… And this demand using two methods to achieve a goal. Such preparation overcomes disappointment. Being equipped will avoid you being overwhelm by any challenges that would arise.

Today count you cost and stick to it plan! No one plans to fail, but even failing there is a cost to it, it is called learning. Paying a cost should be an encouragement of reaching your goals.