4 Most Important Things For Entrepreneurs Personal Life

4 Most Important Things For Entrepreneur’s Personal Life, Business - Investment

4 Most Important Things For Entrepreneurs Personal Life


What defines an entrepreneur is the ability of finding a need, identify the problem, and having a solution to that problem. In doing this you have to meet expectations in exchange of your values to receive a reward (payment).

And this can become a business. But one thing synonymous about being an entrepreneur is the taste to live a well balance life; wealthy, rich and abundantly well-doing. We sometimes get fascinated by others who already are, but what defines your personal, business and investment success is trace to your financial literacy, idea and how to invest on one-time task that will consistently regeneration result.

I.e. one-time input, and enormous outcome. Once you understand this as being an entrepreneur, it’s becomes simple truth to a wealthy life, and this can however differentiate your business. But it is also true that as an entrepreneur no matter how great your business idea, no matter how smart you are, no matter, how innovative your idea, no matter how much money you raise, listen “if you do apply the 4 most important things for entrepreneur’s personal life, business – Investment, you’ll become a force to recon with in business, and investment to your personal life based on the intention to what your action aim in long-term, and what values you render.

This has behavioral rules when it comes to your personal life, business and investment. Which are:

1. Know the difference between price and value.

I once read a story from Richard Templar, he made reference to when trying to define value simply by asking his father in-law what is so special about a wine that could cost $100 in a top restaurant really be twenty times as good as a bottle that you can get for a fiver at the local shop.

The answer he got from his father in-law was however so interesting. He said you aren’t paying for the wine alone. What you are paying for is for the ambience, the service, the location, the waiter’s expertise, the good company, the fine tablecloths, the privacy and discretion, the style and class, the tradition, the food and the truth, the humidity and storage, the tone and the surroundings, the fellow dinning guests and the great conversation. The wine is almost an irrelevance and that’s the point.

We think we know the price of something. But the value can spread out far beyond all of that.

Understand something is only worth what others are willing to pay for it. The price of something can be far less than its actual value, either to you or somebody else. If you want to stand out wealthy as an entrepreneur, put into play the difference between price and value business and investment.

2. Understand the role of money and happiness – how it influences your life and business.

There are lots of common mistake people make, simply by thinking money can solve all problems in business and this have effect to their lives, how they react when money is not available. Money and happiness are not necessary same thing to sustain a business, money doesn’t buy happiness. You can be poor happy. You can be rich happy, you can also be either poor or rich and miserable in business.

If you are looking for wealth to make you happy, you’ll be disappointed. If you are looking for money to make your business bring you happiness, and ideas, you may be disappointed. Money doesn’t do any of that.

3. Adopt the money investment principles.

When most people read or hear what involves financial investment, what comes to their mind is straining for a quick money scheme or a quick money business. I understand your intention in business is to make money. But if quick money investment is what drive your entrepreneur motive, business is not for you! Perhaps, investment may likely favor your path if you’re willing to do it rightly

Money is a seed to an entrepreneur which you don’t have to eat all your seeds, Plant some of those seeds when they mature, eat from your harvest and repeat the process. Wealth is not a jackpot, you don’t wake up one morning and meet wealth, rather, you deliberately plant it, water it and wait for it to grow.

Then remember to always repeat the process for it to continue to flow. INVESTMENT is key, invest now and change your financial status?. Invest that seed today to live a deliberate and financial successful life being an entrepreneur.

4. Always apply the two-leg money principle in Business and investment

First you have to understand Money has 2 legs: First is what you do to make the money.

Second is what the money does to make more money for you. For most of us, our money has only the first leg. That means we must always work by labor to earn money. This year, resolve to give your money a second leg, so that you can retire soon from labor.

You don’t have to work every day of your life because even God rested. Have you been thinking of where to invest your money this year? Then make it achievable.

In conclusion, whatever business you do being a business person,let the principle guide you. Don’t mistake money for happiness, and do not lavish your investment over none cannot regenerating asset.