4 Signs God Is Trying To Tell You Something

4 Signs God is trying to tell you something

4 Signs God Is Trying To Tell You Something

Do God still speaks to men, or have you ever consider how God can speak to men through different means? Because in the days of the Bible, God could pass His words with any way to your understanding. Perhaps, you are wondering if God can still speaks to you, yes He can! Because that is how His words is being convey to Prophets, Teachers and Minister of His Gospel. So, here are 4 signs God is trying to tell You something.

1. Through Thoughts

The first way to know God is saying or trying to tell you something is that through a book or your spirit. He brings a thought to you divinely and the thought never goes, and it keeps tossing inside you and everytime you’re alone, it arises within you between interval. This is God talking, and it could also be through God’s word.

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2. A Recalling Dream

Remember those times you had a dream about something and after a few months or years, the same dream came again, and you are asking why?

It is because you haven’t paid attention to that dream. Am talking about your dreams when you sleep and your inner desire when you see certain situations.

3. A Repeat Of Event Or Situation

Many times we wonder why people treat us wrongly or badly over and over again. Why relationships we’ve been into fall into the same pattern and end the same way, or it could be a business or a new place. This things happen because you are not listening, you’re not paying attention to the message God is trying to pass across to you, but you’re acting the same.

4. He Send People

1Corinthians 14:10. This scripture says that there’re many voices in the world, but none of theme is without significance. It means each voice means so much.

When God is trying to change your life, He does it through people. Watch it when people talk to you about same thing, when different people from different place that are not related to you come at different times telling you about same thing or things, God is talking to you. Either through Friends or strangers, either through a Man of God too or prophetic words.

In conclusion, listen carefully and pay focus to what is important when you experience any of the listed above. It simply 4 signs God Is trying to tell You something to make a change or take action.