5 Best Ways To Overcome Fear & Avoid Suicide

5 Best Ways To Overcome Fear & Avoid Suicide
5 Best Ways To Overcome Fear & Avoid Suicide

5 Best Ways To Overcome Fear & Avoid Suicide

A wise man once said to a young lad who intended to check is level of bravery, ” the answers is in your hand he said.” And truly, was the answer in the young lad hands to whatever way he tend to trick the wise man if he has solution to every problem. In reality, the ability to overcome is truly in our hands. But fear mix with ignorance kill dreams! For when courage is loss, and hopes are dead; people have no greater course to live, than to take to suicide. And in spite of awareness, people live in ignorance. [Motivate Yourself From Depression]

What define Fear?

According to personal excellence: “Fear” is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger , evil , pain, etc. , whether the threat is real or imagined. In other words, fear is the state whereby you feel frightened or afraid, regardless of whether you should be afraid or not.

I learnt a nice story from a book tittle: “Kill Fear Before it kills You,” the author J.P Vaswani talked about two frogs who fell into a bucket of cream. At first they were bemused, but unafraid. They valiantly tried their best to get out of the sticky fluid by climbing up the side of the slippery bucket. But it was (impossible!) When they climb eight inches, they slipped back ten inches as a result of failing while panicked, one of the frog said, “they will never make it out alive,” It sobbed ” and gave up! Couldn’t take it anymore, in fear and frustration he drown in cream. The second frog fell back on every try but never gave up until it kick out alive. If you want to appreciate the life you live, you must have to understand nothing worth happy celebration comes without triumphant steps.

Fear is only important, when one has “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7). For anything outside the fear of God, is a torment to one’s soul that can fill the heart with depression to nervous breakdown, sleeplessness leading to suicide. For if you’re battling with fear, or attempting suicide by any current circumstance opposing your life in the state you are, or you want to understand how to take a step beyond what has been holding you back? Here are 5 Best Ways To Overcome Fear & Avoid Suicide.

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1. Have a strong will

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is a strong will, and a strong won’t. Fear kills! Even the mighty are drown by little force because of the strong won’t.

Have the will to conquer fear at all cost places you in a position to stand for what is appropriate. “People do not lack strength to accomplish their purpose, they only lack will power to see ahead of their fears.”

2. Conquer Fear With a solution

The more reason people commit suicide is because they fear they cannot conquer the challenges. You cannot conquer temporal problems by making drastic decision that would therefore harm your life, leaving your love ones permanently wounded and sorry. There is a better solution to temporal changes. But if overwhelming by problems, talk to me here or someone who can help counsel you positively to avoid depression. Above all, understand that “for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.

3. Take courageous

Fear will always overshadow those who are afraid of growth. So, be determined to take a step irrespective of an un-notified mistakes ahead leading to your dreams and purpose.

If your goals and dreams are only favourable in good times, you have no will to purpose, so is your fear defeating you, and deflecting your courage. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.(Ephesians 6:10)

4. Have a strong commitment

The last time you failed, did you stop trying because you failed and has developed fear.

If you’re not committed, failure or temporal challenge will cause you fear leading to suicide. Commitment allows you to overcome fear in achieving goals.

5. And lastly be willing to Change the state of your action and idea about things to gain flexibility in overcoming fears.

Today, anyone can easily be conquer by fear with question of ” how can life be totally different, how you can overcome to meet expectation, what you are doing or not doing right?” . But I encourage you to keep a positive imagination. Understand life is a series of process that comes with values. I understand you have questions, but why things are happening to you despite your inputs for growth. Today I sincerely encourage you to take it to the Lord God in prayers. For they that wait upon the Lord shall not only renew their strength, but are light to others in a dark world.

Today, I see you overcoming that which has defeated you. You shall succeed.