5 Important Men Habits To Stay (Handsome, Attractive)

5 Important Men Habits To Stay (Handsome, Attractive).

There is no deny that every good attractive and handsome men have some common characters, they are good looking dude. They are pretty sure of who they are, and will always appear reasonably attractive.

Today, I have decided to look into some of this habits because if you’ve been trying your all best to look ‘Handsome’ and ‘Attractive,’ maybe it not your look but just your appearance and attitude. Even if you are ugly anybody can be good looking. Trust me! Like I once learnt a President from Africa quoted: “Two things every man should fight against are being ‘Broke and Ugly.’ If you are broke, your appearance should fight for you! And if you’re ugly, let your pocket fight for you. You can not be fighting against this two strong forces of life and expect ladies to naturally like you.” – That’s precisely from Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe President.

If you can’t beat them, join them! So I am not going to allow them beat you, because Beloved can help you join them like I my self, as we make review on your looks . Wink, don’t develop heartache . The whole thing is that, if you do what they do, maybe you can also be equally handsome. So here are 5 mehabits need to stay handsome and attractive.

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1. Be always Bold . This means the courage to attract any force you want to be around you. Let look at it in a situation where you walking along the stree, and see a beautiful lady going same direction you would like to approach. What may come to most men head is “what if I approach her and she doesn’t accept my friendship request, or maybe she has someone who she love.” Such negative thoughts you see when approaching things you want is what messes with you, and makes you freeze up to make you become the shy and less handsome and attractive . Such dude has to change their mentality! Stop thinking of all the things that could go wrong when approaching a lady or any that which you desire, and start thinking of the positive thought that could make you feel empowered. How you can focusly approach things in life can make you more handsome and attractive. So next time you see a lady you like, don’t think of the impossibility, same goes in life when aiming your goals and career, faint not! Be of good courageous and be bold.

2. Your grooming and your hygiene should constantly be on point. This is extremely important for men. You can’t be pigs if you want to look, or be seen as handsome and attractive. You can even be neglected by ladies without even noticing it because you’ve crossing lips, oiling skin, bad breath. You should always invest in the basic things to stay hygiene. It is not a gay or feminist to thing to learn how to take good care of yourself and looks. You don’t have to look as a modern terrorists by the look of your bares. Always make sure your bare it clean up, and if you don’t want a clean skin definitely have a good shaving and nice hair cut. Your look can either make you so attractive to ladies and handsome to everyone.

3. Smell good. One thing about attractive and handsome men is that they smell really good. It is not necessary you have to pie up strong smell before you take your bath daily. Come to think about it, have you seen men who are attractive to ladies that smell bad? It’s a good thing to develop your own signature thing that smell good. And you can achieve such by proper hygienic lifestyle. Always use body wash when bathing. Don’t just bath without soap and think because you are a man it doesn’t matter. It matters! So use good antibiotic bathing soap such as “Dettol, Premier Cool, Eva,” those are bathing soap that are affordable here in Nigeria etc… get a body fragrance, something light not heavy and strong such as: ” 212 men, passion and others you think can help your body smell. Having a good body smell can make you much attractive and handsome to everyone, most especially to ladies who have high sense of smell will appreciate such about you.

4. Maintain a well shave eyebrows is also one of such habit you can easily notice about handsome and attractive men. By doing this is to maintain your eyebrows nice and neat, and do removing any by way hairs that is outside the shape of your eyebrows. And when doing this always follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

5. Have attractive presence. All attractive men have attractive presence. This means you don’t have to look sad, shy or like you don’t believe in yourself. All attractive men are pretty much sure of who they are, always comfortable and unsmilingly.I want to show you how to have such presence is simply by following this three things:

1. Have Confidence.

2. Maintain your smile.

3. Have good eye contact.

1. Passion: You should aways have to Stand-up straight with a chest out. That will establish your presence and show your confidence.

2. You have to smile. This shows you have a nice style, you are cool and relaxed over when un-fun men/guys are being around. This is something women find appealing and will always want to be with you.

3. Finally, make eye contact. Don’t stare at the floor like you are shy and defeat, and too insecure of yourself. When talking to someone look in the eyes, it is the best way to establish your presence and come as more confident and handsome. In conclusion, help to share this if you gain so much from this few tips.