5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Can’t Handle Relationship

5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Can’t Handle Relationship

5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Can’t Handle Relationship

5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Can’t Handle Relationship.

This is business, because when it comes to blogging we know nothing takes place or happens by mistake. Everything works based on deliberate decision if we have to make it. Since I became focus in blogging I have learnt that growth don’t happen overnight as many think, but it takes years, time and commitment perhaps is one reason I’ve series of challenges copping with relationship with my blogging stuff. My name is Beloved Desmond.

Most know me by my nick name. Year back I venture into blogging doing what I derive joy from since I studied computer science, I saw it as a major opportunity to use my platform confidence to impact anyone who care to be in my world, learning and also share my experience using it to inspire as many I could. But one thing I have observed is why internet bloggers find it hard to sustain relationship or even want to attempt commitment. And this trigger the question why like minds of Linda Ikeja, Oluwaseun Osewa the founder of Nairaland.com (Nigeria Largest forum site) and others are still bachelors is simply because it is not a deliberate act, but the love of a profession that do not give us the time to find a love life, or build a relationship.

Sure, I won’t follow their path even if this folk are source of inspiration to most Nigeria bloggers. it is not because most of us are not serious about dating, not because we love being single like rev. fathers do, but is based on more fact we are much in love with a profession that model us to neglect the social way of life giving our passion for relationship to blogging. Most times these bloggers are people who cannot even have time for themselves.

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They sleep late and wake up very early, some times me myself had to skip breakfast or lunch, surfing for information; what to write about, how we could improve our blog traffic and as well keeping our site maintenance by improving platform features. Doing this all by yourself means you have to glue yourself to the computer, except you now have a team you employed to do the task.

Outside the fact we are occupied with our online activities, I’ll share with you 5 reasons why most bloggers can’t handle relationship, pointing out how you can relate with a blogger if you’re in a relationship considering beyond the dating phase.

1. They Can’t Date People Who Won’t Participate In Their Business

An Africa proverb does say; ‘’’the way to a man’s heart is to prepare him his best food.’’ I have no reason to question such fact because it has deep truth in as much we know some men like me who can cook don’t fall for foods, but to things we consider much realistic to help make impact, by becoming part of what I do. I.e. what I am saying is that, one of the easiest proven way to make a profession blogger focus his/her attention to business and to give you the same attention you desire in relationship, is to become a participant of what they do.

Outside bloggers relationship, we should also know one of the easiest way to win peoples heart is to get involve to what seems important to their growth. Love them, and have concern to what they are aiming, in gaining the height in profession/career. It’s one of such way a blogger can give time to you in relationship. When you work with him or her, and agrees with their aims, their commitment is completely and absolutely assured.

2. Every bloggers Want Someone Who Won’t See Their Profession As Waste Of Time

What makes someone more human is because they have goals, they dream and they act towards such dream. The reason most bloggers don’t take relationship serious with most lady who claim they admire a blogger is simply because most of the lady in question never saw the positive side of their career at early beginning.

We don’t want people who sees our profession as waste of time. That can really make us prove your point wrong. I remembered when I started blogging, I met a lady when I went for a job interview, and it happened we exchanged contact and she started chatting with me.

I had to tell her I blog and she was like ‘’ is that how you want to live your life.’’ Gosh, some ladies can be so funny, that day I decided stop using such time to something much important. I never judge her point of view, but I remember the last time we chat, she was still asking me when will I consider dating.

3. Don’t Want To Be In Front Page Of Things Relating To Broken Relationship

Bloggers are well informed people except to those wagon entities who much appreciate copy and paste, neither do they read to edit or may even copy your brand name only to realized their flop after the did is done. We know how marriage and relationship this days are becoming a union of shame build on shallow agreement and affections.

We don’t want to be on the front page for bad reasons, so one of such ways is to avoid relationship which would defame our reputation. We want people who respect our relationship even if we are not always available, not a double dating freak who think they are smart, and once we realize any sign of suspicious act, we would rather break out from such relationship and give such attention to our blogging business.

4. Most Blogger Are Sincere People Who Don’t Want Games

Most bloggers are sincere people, just that most have thrown away their integrity and their personality is nothing more than the pay they want from false information to gain much traffic. But the fact remain that most bloggers are consider a lying machine, and forgive my impudence statement about this, but the truth is as much some lie about who they are not, and claim who they are not, bloggers don’t want to be in a relationship build on lies.

It hurt their feelings because they see you as trustworthy person and don’t want you breaking their heart with breaking information of lies, so such blogger who consider you a liar won’t want to commit themselves to you in relationship.

5. A Blogger Want You To Understand The Nature Of Their Job In Relationship

Dating a blogger truly takes one who sincerely love us to stick around. But our time frame could sometimes be a barrier to why most of us can’t handle the pressure became of our commitment to the task and daily target. And you should also know a real blogger is a writer, who write about their life experience to follower when things trouble our mind we get different opinion most times. You don’t have to go mad at us. Neither should you break away. Most times blogging should be more real to keep people active. We are not just writing but sharing important lessons. We love to play because all work without play make jack a dull boy.
5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Can’t Handle Relationship
In conclusion, if you are a blogger, learn to take your relationship serious like your job. I am saying this based on experience which means I don’t want you to learn the hard way. You cannot be a public success and inside failure in relationship. we must be able to balance our relationship with family and love one’s using same method of love for job to sustain what we have built on, is the only way most Bloggers can handle relationship. I remain your friend on Hkitnob as Beloved Desmond. Thanks.