6 Best Method To Solve Conflicts Logically


6 Best Method To Solve Conflicts Logically

Psychologist agreed that conflicts have to be dealt with order to prevent deadlock and recrimination, to restore stability and communication. The quest is how?

Most times little disputes between Family, Friends, co-workers and Love ones could be critical when caution is absent and logical dealing to subdue such moment is not implemented. In understanding how to resolve Conflicts, here are some key tips you can know how to solve conflict.

1.Escape Method Escaping method is same as avoiding. The conflict is not dealt with, and the situation remains the same. It can be assumed that neither side will gain anything. This is said to be a lose situation.

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2. Fight method You have to understand those who deal with conflict aggressively have just one aim: To win. But winning is not enough, as somebody has to lose. This approach is about conquering the opponent, and asserting one’s own position in face of resistance from others. This is called the win-lose solution.

3. Give up method Those who give up their own position in a conflict stand to solve it by retreating, i.e they lose. This is actually a lose-win solution.

Evading responsibility method
Those who feel overwhelm by a conflict often delegate the decision – and thus also the confrontation – to another authority, usually a higher one. This authority solves the conflict for them, but not necessarily wisely, and not necessity in delegator’s interest. There is a risk that the parties on both side of the conflict will lose (lose solution).

5. Compromise method
These situation is depending on how it is perceived, a compromise method could be a solution acceptable to both parties. It is often felt that although the solution isn’t ideal, it is reasonable in the circumstances ( win-lose).

6. Reach a consensus A consensus is based on new solution that has been developed by both parties. In contract to a compromise, it is a win solution for both parties, because nobody has back down. Instead both parties develop a ‘third way’ together.

In conclusion, a none worried mind will live peacefully with even those who tend to become troublesome.