6 Good Habits To Boost Your Health


6 Good Habits To Boost Your Health

Adopting a positive attitude towards life in spite of its numerous challenges is key to a healthy lifestyle. When you are aware and in charge of your thoughts, feelings and behavior, you will be able to have and maintain a good physical and emotional health. So imbibe good habits that will boost your overall health.

(1) Maintain a positive mental attitude. The mind has a powerful influence on the body and immune system. So avoid behaviors that make you angry, worried and stressed all of the time. Always wear a cheerful, happy deposition, for it imparts health and prolong life.

2. Use medications prescribed by your doctor, and don’t overuse painkillers and sadatives.

3. Maintain Healthy Relationship. The way you relate to people around you has a way of influencing your lifestyle. Therefore, endeavor to maintain a healthy relationship with family members, neighbors, colleagues and friends.

4. Have good hygiene. Wash your hands be for leaving the area to remove germs. Wash your before you handle food. Wash your hair and brush it regularly to prevent dandruff, head lice, and other diseases. Bath and brush your teeth regularly; wash and wear clean clothes; keep your surrounding clean; eat good and sleep in a safe and clean environment.

5. Go for routine medical check-ups. See your doctor regularly so he can monitor your physical health and tell you what you necessarily need to do from time to time to stay healthy.

6. Involve in exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour routine twice weekly can help blood circulation within your body system.

7. Bonus: Trust in God healing power. Only God can ensure your over all health-spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. Put your absolute trust in Him.


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