7 Reasons Many Nigerians Under NLC Remains Poor After 30years Service

7 Reasons Why Many Nigerians Are poor under NLC After 30years Service

7 Reasons Many Nigerians Under NLC Remains Poor After 30years Service.

Many Nigerians have the beliefs that working 30years for the government would make them much wealthier and fulfilled. That maybe a lesser truth, but higher truth is that working for the governments will not make you richer as expected if you want to be included among the world richest. And by such beliefs most of these people who fall into this group would rather short their mind to think outside the box game that involves “Critical reasoning and deep search that would help their personal life, family members and career.” As-well to know if really they are making life progress to improve on short, medium and long term goals. Such attitude could also be why even as highly paid most of them are, many still end up broke, poor , depress, unfilled, unhappy, no investment any may have to rely on their pension on monthly basis to sustain their family.

In order words they have wasted thirty (30) years working for stomach satisfaction, temporal pleasures and left so many things undone and end up with broken dreams and regrets. In having a different life from the above descriptions, here are some tips to avoid such these 12 error after working 30years for Nigeria government, and have nothing to write about your life journey, and what you have been able to achieve as a present and future investment .

1. The un- innovative civil servants Most civil servants are not innovative by taking steps in career, goals and personal decisions to make life improvement. They live their lives on the current happening without plans for the future . This set of people find it hard to plan, or take action to any given ideas. Waiting to hit millionaire or win a lottery before they plan ahead. Their goals is their work , salary and earn to spend. Such people after retirement will blame themselves and love ones; probably their wife for their failure to see ahead, and also for such wasted years. Some of them end up to become chronic drunkard as result of frustration, and not being able to provide basic needs to keep the stomach going as what they see as the main purpose for working.

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2. The no business civil servants man/woman, these group of individuals who won’t do any business to invest their salary, yet will not establish his wife/husband. We know everyone will not be an ‘Entrepreneur,’ but such people find in this group are mostly the ‘Sanguine or Choleric.’ They are the extrovert who believe they know every thing. Most of this people are intellectually sound like people will describe them, but their personal and inner life is as nothing to write about. If you have to write comprehension about their life achievements, is as writing to describe doom in men’s act. The dozens of failed dream, plans and goals not achieved is what you can fathom about their lifestyle. They sees the fault in other people’s life, but putting theirs to order is like the host of angles in heaven may have to pray for such people. The term of words commonly use by these people in this group if their love ones try to help them see reasons to invest wisely are: “I know what I am doing,” “You don’t know what I want!” ” You cannot tell me what to do! It’s my money! Let me spend it as it pleases me.” 40 years later don’t be amaze that such person couldn’t afford to build a house even if their pay was six digit in figure.

3. The Show Bis Civil servants. These group of individuals had one mind set of what they want before they got the civil servant job. What they want is always different from what their goals aim to earn such dreams. Because their taste for pleasure and show off life is higher than anything they want. The only time they take action is when it has to do with material need. This group of individuals will not invest money on whatever will generate revenue, or what can be liquidated in the future to help their generation. They could state ” I will start a business come next month once I receive some aerials I am expecting,” but may earn such money and use for drinking, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, cars or clubbing. Such people find in this group of civil servant are the type that live life on their past glory! They don’t feel elude by the shame they have caused their family and love ones. Words mostly use if you engage a quarrel to this set of individuals are: ” Do you know who I am? If I am still the manager of Phcn you won’t say this no sense to my face.” A yoruba man with such attitude will relocate heaven down to earth to scare you off, and stay off such people trouble.

4. The Pension Civil Servants. These set of people are not stable to even plan their present life progress. Everything they plan to achieve over their years of working experience is always a pending plan; because they are waiting for the good day that seems not so close. Waiting to earn pension before they establish their selves and family . This group of individuals have one desire and prayer. Which is simply: “Lord provide our today’s need” and the big part of such need is their daily desire but lack vision and direction. They live their lives as babies who agenda for the 30years of working is to eat, sleep, bath, go to job and no question for what next to put them to flight. Such people suffers greatly after retirement, probably they have nothing to show for those wasted years than the good food they ate. Such people may keep paying for what they didn’t plan to do when they had such open opportunities.

5. Frivolous Spending Civil Servants. These set of individuals love to live big. They are categories into two group under this particular group, which are:

• The no financial literate civil servants.

• The Debtor Civil Servants.

The no financial literate civil servants and the Debtor Civil Servants spend without budgets, savings are not important as long their credit card will only debit from the little Savings they have in accounts.

The special thing synonymous to these special civil servants is the expensive big house, expensive big cars, expensive designers shoes, expensive bags, wears and anything you think of mentioning is quite the expensive type you’ll find around them. They love expensive things, and could afford to buy anything even without quality as long you tell them it was imported from ‘America’ and worth $50,000. A stranger not knowing their background would think they are one of those Nigeria Elites who live in abundant of inherited wealth, or allocated and monthly salary they earn as royalty. You will be bemused for you to discover they are the mix up who are not so different from the “Show bis civil servants.” This kind of people hardly show concern to invest for the future, because they are in competition with the show biz civil servants who live like celebrity,. Fake lifestyle is their day to day routine. Such people in this group may have nothing to show for after retirement, except few of the thing they bought to which they could later sell to meet their need in time to come.

6. The wrong association civil servants. This group always find their selves in the wrong association not connected or associated to pilot the affairs of their life. This group of individuals may have some good attitude to life, but always with the wrong people who will help them spend their money. The young adult of such group are club patronizer, beer parlors V.I.P, womanizer specialist, cultist and such association has much influence in his/her life to not enable them plan forward taking a fruitful step. They only get to realize their mistakes of wayward lifestyle if they are relieve off their job, or retired. Such men and women will always tell their offspring, don’t follow my ways! If I had knew earlier than I am aware now, I will not have end this way.

7. The Fruity civil servants. I have no other names that fit this group of individuals. Simply because these men took the words in the bible so personal that says: “Go into the world and multiply, be fruitful!” This group are dangerous to trust them with a women. Before you say Jack, the closest lady to them is already on her 8 -9 months pregnant state to have a baby. They live 30years of their life using every opportunity their job gave/give to them to have more wives, concubines and increase the population of children in the world they can not train. They forget that you can’t live life above your income and savings and expect to have a good financial life. Such men live on false hope giving more problems to God and to their family. They expect God divine bless living an immoral life. They expect good business yet will invest their money in no investment assurance return (Women). Such men do not have the fear of God, the only thing that humble them is the lack of money! And once they get to receive their pension the next move is to camp with a lady who could be their daughters age mate. Such men think they have achievement, but the end for such is depression from taking a wrong way of life. Such men will become in a sorry state, because their children never got any profitable inheritance from their father to lay a foundation put back in the society. A script to such men if for them to note that: ” a good man leaves an inheritance for his children, Children.”