7 Wrong Act Hindering Nigeria Youths From Being A Future Leader


7 Wrong Act Hindering Nigeria Youths From Being A Future Leader

We all believe in Nigeria, as every Child dreams is to be someone useful by profession, skillful and talented. So are the youths of my country who want to be in the future, as great leaders and trail blazers. But one thing the bible is so sure about the role of parents to their offspring, is to train up your child in the way they should go, that when she/he is old they will not depart from it. This is the simple first instruction to bring up a child who will become the youth of tomorrow, as the leader of coming generation. So here are few areas Nigeria youths are making mistakes as the future leaders. But youths can however amend their ways.

1.Politicians using youths to commit crimes should be a big no for youths who want to stay focus in professional career, education and become useful to your family and society. If you want to be an Entrepreneur man/woman, face your area of professionalism and leave politics for those who think it a do and die affair to use you in favor of self desire; while their children is safe and trained to later lead you in years to come as governors, politicians and Navy’s and others. I am simply not saying you should not participate in politics if that is your future ambition, or listen to political affairs. What I am pointing is “stay off crime to have a nation you can lead tomorrow.”

2. Most Nigeria Parents do not educate their children with basic information necessary for their purpose. This is one major reason for the society dis-function. Many Nigeria parents have given up their God duty to their children! And most parents may even encourage their child to involve in wrong act as “Fraudster known as yahoo yahoo and prostitution,” in desperation to get temporal taste for pleasure. Youths who grow up without positive parental guide, grow up living life with questions with no answers pertaining to their way of life. This could be why some Nigeria Youths who we first see as the future leaders are probably now Militants, Boko Hara terrorists and Badoo Cultists .

3. Most Nigeria parents only give their Children education, but are not teaching them how to be accountable as-well being responsible for their life decisions, character, financial spending habit, and career planning. This could be why most children grow up to become youths and parents with no focus and purpose, F9 in taking accountability, F9 in adding values, F9 in leadership and F9 in fatherly responsibility.

4. Nigeria government not empowering young scholars. Have you ever come to ask yourself why most youths think being an entertainer pays than professional career is simply because Nigeria government don’t empower scholars who are youths. They only want to receive him/her when in a refined state, and most of this individual leave the country to obtain better opportunity where the government abroad will appreciate their knowledge and skill, coming back to build their mother’s land is a no consideration . This is a question of what leaders are the Nigeria government raising to pilot the affairs of the future? We have seen situation were the Nigeria government sponsor big brothers Naija with hundred of millions. A show that won’t serve to the growth of the economy, but to however promote sex and immoral conduct . But when it comes to scholars representing the nation or scholars on discovery competitions, no governor would encourage them financially. The best they could render if they intend to participate would be 500,000 or 1million the highest amount they could give with words: ” keep it up!” Such youths without the fear of God would use such brilliant talent for wrong act to achieve his needs. Now the younger generation would rather want to be an entertainer where his talent can be appreciated financially, or kidnapper, militants and badoo where victims can pay some ransom e.t.c…

4. Nigeria Government don’t encourage scientists with what they need to improve research. This is why youths who are supposed be creative to invent prefer imported goods and gadgets from China, U.S, Russia and Germany. And the question is what will science be like in Nigeria in years to come? Like it’s now where most who are engineers can not find lasting solution to power failure.

5. Youths believing in jungle justice This days youths prefer to kill their fellow man/lady with no sign of human feelings, this are not the ways of future leaders. Youths believe in killing fellow youths and appreciate politicians who loot public funds. The character of good leaders are people who seek justice using the right process to save the oppressed, rather than taking law to your hands.

6. Youths Who sells their right to decide their leaders by electrons . Such Youths are not the future leaders. Such youths are not stable and unstable entity can not lead a nation who don’t have leadership dignity and worth.

7. Most Nigeria Youths are addicted to time-wasting, days and months on social media. These set of youths are not physically involved online to gain skills and experience; not involved in online business, but most of these youths will chat all through the day without plans for tomorrow and this could become their daily routine. Youths are much social media concern to quickly upload pictures of victims who may be involved in-car accident than to render help. This is not the ways of leaders! A leader is passionate to help than to seek online fame with frivolous content. Such youths doing such need to amend their ways and become helpers of fellow citizens.

In conclusion, this points are not to write you off if you are guilty on any act in the above list. Good bless Nigeria Youths, the future of the nation.