9 Important Role Of Successive Supervisor And Leadership In Business


9 Important Role Of Successive Supervisor And Leadership In Business

You can top your role in business as supervisor and as a manager. Every business requires good managerial skills and the ability to carry everyone along. Most times some individual may attain such position, after obtaining such they become obsolete to what activities that scored them to secure the position of a manager or a supervisor. So here are some key function a management seek from it supervisor and manager to maintain your job position as well to move ahead with handling more responsibility in your place of work.

1. You must be able to plan! And to organise in achieving that plan and motivate the personnel involved in that plan. You must be a leader, someone who sees ahead being able to forecast base on your responsibility.

2. You must be technically proficient so that you can understand operational problems. This reminds me of a company I worked with some years ago, “the supervisor had more challenges because he was not good technically, and the company had to kick him off and replaced me with him. finally He stopped, could not withstood the development.”

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3. As a manager or supervisor, you must have an appreciation of human needs and of personality differences so that you are able to appoint the right person to the right job. While being alert to such problems as the need for adequate and fair rewards and man’s traditional desire for justice.

4. As a manager and supervisor You must have the ability to communicate both with your subordinates. The major cause of friction in your department indeed at any level of production, is failure to failure of communication.

5. You must be ready to accept responsibility. Without letting it distort your judgment, or indeed your personal life-office or department problems should be left in the office rather than be taken home in the evening to rub it on your family. And also the other way round, not using your family problem to affect your job.

This reminds me of my boss some years also, when he is happy everyone can tell, even a baby can not deny the obviousness. And when he is sadden, everyone is to face the anger and God helps you if you annoy his order, it a relieve off his/her duty without pay most times. Until the company lost trusted workers and got to employ those with different vision from what the organization wanted to achieve. And years later the company had so many challenges and it folded-up. Anger must have fair judgement in any organization and not from a state of emotion.

6. You must be a decision taker; because to manage is to take decision based upon a careful and objective analysis of the facts of circumstance at hand.

7. You must have respect for your workers and subordinate. For respect is the essence of any worthwhile human relationship. This at a time I learnt about a dude been slap by his manager. Such is not encouraging as a manager or a supervisor, you could destroy the company’s structure that has been built upon if you keep such attitude.

8. As a manager or a supervisor, you will preferably be more extrovert than introvert, a good ‘Mixer’ who can lead without forfeiting popularity. Who is not only respected, but also liked-and, in this last respect, an invaluable assets is a good sense of humour.

9. Finally as a manager or supervisor, time is important and it the key function that regulate your daily working routine in achieving goals and targets.