A Leading Light In Dark Moment.-Hkitnob


A Leading Light In Dark Moment.-Hkitnob.

His words is a light unto my feet and a light unto my path. Because where God do not direct you to, His leading light do not go. His manifestation glory is the light you need!

Good Day, Dear Friends. How often have you been in a dark moment and certainly not sure of the end to gain your liberty?

Sometimes the dark moments could be the delay that has held you on that same challenges. It’s like being stuck to have your demand achieve. Howbeit, here is what you should understand that you have been called to become a leading light in dark moments. Sometimes we have to learn and appreciate the Lord for holding us back. To wait on Him in time that we may be prepared, rather holding on to what we see as opportunity leading to doom days, that we may have to give glory for His protection.

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Most people become astray over things that are not consistent to hold on to, in their lives. It like trying to lay a twelve story building on a 3 feet foundation. If your life has been in this phase were I was, it is time to let God decide your life! Let His leadinf word decide your joy! Let His word build your hope and aspirations to enable you have a purposeful life.

You have to become observant the Lord God is taking you pass a phase, where you would have to thank Him for letting that opportunity pass that is not connected to your purpose [How To Know Your Future Path From Past]
. That job that didn’t come even when you were qualified at the interview. That Friends that snub you because you have not arrive the phase they presently are. That lady or man that deprived you the true love you have for them due of temporal circumstance of brokenness or needs. That boss that never saw your strengths but however used you to achieve his vision aimed and never paid you salaries [How To Identify Good Success]. That Friends that became a snitch in your life. You have to thank God that if He had never held you back from such moment, you may never become the leading light you are now.

Today, I can only encourage you to hold on to His sure word. For He will always be your leading light when all hope and aspirations is down. [There Is A Price To Achievement Success]

I am your Friend Beloved Desmond On Hkitnob. Keep making progress and have a bless new week and a new month!.