About Us

About Us

Hkitnob is a global media company focusing on Information For Mind Development. Our Post’s serve as guide and resource for Inspirations.

Our Mission

To impact your mind with information necessary for your daily development, and empower people to live their life’s, every day. At Hkitnob, we bridge the gap delivering trusted News events, Business Grants,Columns, Inspirations and as well as fun-to-read tips and insights that make life a little easier.

Our History

Hkitnob was launched on the 20th, 2016 April. With the goal to make impact. The site has gone through several change to sustain it brand to what it is now. We have one aim to “impact the society as we can!” And you can be part of us if you love to be in my team, or a contributor to Hkitnob.

The Founder of Hkitnb


Desmond Ighostu Ajugba, is the founder of Hkitnob.com. He is popularly known as “Beloved Desmond.I am aBeloved Desmond Founder Of Hkitnob Christian, idealist, visionary entrepreneur, who studied computer Science at (Osisatech Polytechnic).

I’m a human capacity builder in Partnership with Eagle Spring Enterprise Limited.

A Web Solutions Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Trained Journalist with 4 years experience of writing.

I am the publisher and founder of Hkitnob.com. I am a serial entrepreneur and a Business Growth and Development Fanatics.

I Write Business Plan With Ease, specialized in mind development and empowering for unskilled graduate who are willing to acquire skills in what I do.

I’m inspired entrepreneur with noble drive to impact lives positively with hkitnob platform.

A social media enthusiasts who love to make difference, to what way he can contribute and impact the society. Don’t forget to like my Facebook fans page, 

I don’t want you far away from Me.