About Us

Hkitnob which stand for “Home Articles For Nobles” equally supports Information Service For Mind Development And Opportunities. Hkitnob Information Is All About Inspiration, News, Bible insight, Business Grants, Abuja Jobs, Business, Health Tips, Blogging, Marriage – Relationship.

Our Purpose

Hkitnob has the purpose to impact lives by unique method . We ensure to keep your mind heading positively for more as we seek to influence site users with the platform, having the desire to bring practical details that can help meet your real taste for young and advance minds.

Our History

Hkitnob was launched on the 20th, 2016 April. With the goal to make impact with multiple niche. The site has gone through several change to sustain it brand to what it is now. We have one aim to “impact the society as we can!” And you can be part of us if you love to be in my team.

The Founder of Hkitnb

Desmond Ighostu Ajugba,is the founder of Hkitnob. He is popularly known as “Beloved Desmond“.Beloved Desmond Founder Of Hkitnob He is an inspired entrepreneur with noble drive to impact lives positively with the use of the platform, who tend to have a brand on social networking.

Beloved is inspired to learn and reaching out to others making this a dream to voice out what he beliefs, by writing what is appropriate to platform users, readers and viewers. A social media enthusiasts who love to make difference to what way he can contribute and impact the society. Don’t forget to like my Facebook fans page, I don’t want you far away from Me.




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Thanks! Beloved Desmond.