How To Align Your Destiny From A Perspective Of Focus

How To Align Your Destiny From A Perspective Of Focus
How To Align Your Destiny From A Perspective Of Focus

How To Align Your Destiny From A Perspective Of Focus.

Around the world there are many who suffers from (ADD) Attention deficient disorder. Looking on “How to align your destiny from a perspective of focus,” not being sporadic because everyone has the tendency to lose focus. You’ve to be much focus on less you cannot be successful in life, marriage, family, education, business career or whatever you may intended to achieve if you want to be a successful man or lady with no focus to align your destiny.

Good Day, Dear Friends. How are you today? And Happy Independence to everyone of you from Nigeria, God Bless Nigerians! I see you on a path of your destiny that nothing would deviate your focus.

Many have the taste to be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, and whatsoever they want, but without a step of focus that requires the discipline to pass through such time, you may never get any of this done! Because when you spread yourself so dearly you cannot find your purpose to attain such course of destiny.

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One of the things that causes us not to be focus as we ought to be is simply because we are easily distracted by other people’s opinions. Years back while still much tender I was told by a neighbor I walk as a lady. That really influence my mind that for years, I carried such mindset to change my walking posture. All of a suddenly my whole opinion of how I walked was simply influence by someone observation of how to walked. This is to say, who you are, what you should do, and what you will become in life can be easily influence by other people’s opinion; that you may lose the ability to ever become satisfied!

Most times, many looks at others who has much than they have and become sad over their choices of purpose. And if you are not careful you may be intimidated by their success and opinions and become distracted by your function of destiny. This is to say: ‘’You are not accountable for the gifts GOD gives to your friends! But you can only be accountable to what gifts God give to you.” You don’t have same gifts with others. So you don’t have to keep being rationalize by comparing yourself by the gifts of other people, cos if you do; you will never ever be in peace with anything! In aligning your destiny from a perspective Of Focus.

You have to know someone will have a bigger car than yours, somebody will have a degree than you do, somebody will always look cool than you do. This is to say, you’ve to deal with someone having some bigger things than you, or you can be miserable in achieving your Destiny.

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You cannot entertain things that involves much distraction and expect to live a focus life. Distraction is that which is taking your attention to become the best of you, because you are trying to live someone else life. I love what David in the bible said ‘’ I cannot fight in another man amour.’’ This simply means he cannot fulfill his destiny if he had dressed as Saul. Don’t put yourself in a job you are not trained for is as setting yourself to fail! Because you are operating beyond your measures. And something so funny is that some people sometimes makes it look so good, and inspiring that we may want to start imitating, but I tell you this, don’t frustrate your your line for mine. Your gifts are yours, and not mine. You have to be a great you.

Are you angry with your family or spouse because someone is more financially capable doing than yours? That you keep saying your husband has to improve on himself. Listen to yourself, that voice is not coming from destiny! But are coming from a voice of desperation need of the measure up of peer pressure of what your opinion has been influence by their accomplishment.

“You do not need those who makes announcement that they are better than you!” So you can try to leave their dreams, less you may be frustrated. It is better to be a great surgeon if that is your call, than to be a poor general by trying to live someone’s life. Today, you need to focus on your measure to what you can handle, whiter sweet or tough. For we can only get promoted to how patience we can learn. For to be focus means to become authentic. You can’t get promotions without process. If you are not focus, you cannot maintain greatness. Today I simply encourage you to align your focus of achieving to that of your destiny.

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