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Everything is sacrifice! Every bit of life is sacrifice, but sacrifice of any sort will never come from a person without their priority. That is why Jesus never forced himself on anyone. He waited and did nothing until the people realized they needed him.

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One of the keys to receive from God is hunger. Hunger will not come without a cause i.e a reason. Hunger is either birthed by pain, lack, deprivation, suffering or desire. “I like that, I want this, I must be that, I must have or achieve this. All signs pointing to what I have been deprived of, what I desire, what I was shown, what i was told i cannot have, be, do, and where I cannot go or what I love. With this kind of thinking, a fire has begun and have been stired in me.

If there’s a reason in your life for your hunger for something, someone, someplace or for God to be developed, it purely should come from desire to grow, to know, to be better, to achieve the greatness in you and to fellowship with God. Hunger births the Strength and opens the door for the insights required.

Think about it if you will!

Poverty brings deprivation into a place and into the life of a person, financial poverty deprives a person from getting and having the necessary goods and enlightenment of life. Spiritual poverty makes a person weak and becomes unpowerful to stand before God and the spiritual entities in the earth. Mental poverty deprives a person from right thinking and purposeful living and on and on it goes.

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Today, ask yourself one question, where is it that i am inadequate in life now? Where am i missing it? Where have i become drenched, beaten and ineffective?

That answer would always be tied not to a life of just getting what you think you do not have enough of, that answer should be tied to where in life is the direction of God’s path for me?

Your’s might be towards the spiritual, the material, your’s might be towards government, towards business, or towards a unifying purpose. However and wherever it is, this is the place and the position that you must begin to look intently at and that word intently means PURPOSEFULLY.

Where are you in the sequence of God? What is God saying about you now and what are you doing about your destiny and design? These questions should boggle your thoughts daily until something in you awake from its slepiness.

Where is your commitment to the word of God? What have you placed ahead of your fellowship with God, with his word and your true identity?

It is time to awake! Like the Apostle Paul said; awake from your ‘slumber you who sleeps’ before God. It is time to get up! And you will get up now in the name of Jesus!

Credit to: NOEL Sings.