Apply For 2018 Google Impact Nigeria Entrepreneurship Competition


Apply For 2018 Google Impact Nigeria Entrepreneurship Competition

Apply For 2018 Google Impact Nigeria Entrepreneurship competition.

2018 Google Nigeria Entrepreneurship Competition is mainly for empowering Nigerians to drive community impact. The Google Impact Challenge Nigeria supports nonprofits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities. Organizations apply with their most innovative proposals. Finalists get access to funding, mentorship and resources. Eligible nonprofits and social enterprises are invited to apply by July 4.

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Your community. Your ideas to make it better. For the first time, the Google Impact Challenge is coming to Nigeria! The Challenge asks local innovators how they would make their community–and beyond–an even better place. The public and a panel of local Judges vote for the ideas with the most potential, and pairs each winner with a package of strategic support, funding and Google volunteers.

Google is awarding $6 million to innovative non-profit organisations in Africa. Here’s how to be a part of it. Google has announced the launch of the 2018 Africa Impact Challenge, a competition aimed at finding the most innovative non-profit organisations in Africa. The $6 million earmarked for the competition will be divided equally among Google’s markets in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. is committing $20 million over the next five years to non-profits that are working to improve lives across Africa. On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, Google announced the launch of the 2018 Africa Impact Challenge. The competition will be aimed at finding the most innovative not-for-profit organisations in Africa that are using technology to solve societal problems.

Apply For 2018 Google Impact Nigeria Entrepreneurship Competition

The Google Africa Impact Challenge is built on the back of Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s announcement when he visited Nigeria in July 2017. Pichai said, “Our charitable arm,, is committing $20 million over the next five years to nonprofits that are working to improve lives across Africa.

“We also want to invite nonprofits from across the continent to share their ideas for how they could impact their community and beyond. So we’re launching a Impact Challenge in Africa in 2018 to award $5 million in grants.”

The $6 million earmarked for this competition will be divided equally among Google’s markets in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa ($2 million each). The winners of the competition will not just have access to the grants, but will also receive training and mentorship from Google.

12 winners will be selected in each country. The top four will receive $250,000: three of them will be selected by a panel of judges and one will be selected through public voting. The eight runners-up will receive $125,000 each. The winners will be announced during an award ceremony that will hold during the week of November 26, 2018 in Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

The judges

In Nigeria, the winners will be decided by a panel of judges that includes:

  • Chairman/CEO Channels Media Group, John Momoh
  • Chairman/CEO, Zinox Technologies,
  • Leo Stan Ekeh
  • Chief Executive Officer, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Parminder Vir
  • Rapper and CEO of Chocolate City Music Group, MI Abaga
  • Philanthropist and Executive Director of Nigeria Network of NGOs, Oluseyi Oyebisi
  • Philanthropist and media entrepreneur, Mo Abudu
  • Ex-footballer and founder of the Kanu Heart Foundation, Kanu Nwankwo
  • Managing General Partner, EchoVC Partners, Eghosa Omoigui
  • Google Nigeria Country Director, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor

How to be a part of the 2018 Google Africa Impact Challenge

1. Applications open on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. If you are interested, visit the Nigeria , Kenya , or South Africa websites to apply, depending on which country your organisation is registered in.

2. The competition is open to not-for-profit organisations or organisations that operate not-for-profit/social enterprises. Interested applicants should ideally have projects that they already run, or at the very least an idea.

3. Your project/idea will be judged on the following criteria: how well it impacts the economy of your country and the lives of the people, how innovative and unique it is, its potential to scale and be applied in larger and different contexts, its feasibility and market fit.

Applications will close on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 and review will commence on the 5th. Public voting will open on November 5 and run for three weeks until the 25th. The final event will hold on the week of November 26.

Google Impact Challenge Nigeria is now accepting submission of proposals to create economic opportunity from eligible nonprofits and social enterprises in Nigeria. Deadline for submission of application is July 4, 2018.

Who’s Eligible for the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria?

To be eligible to enter the Challenge, your Organization must meet the criteria listed below (“Eligibility Criteria”):

Be a legally registered Nigerian business or nonprofit; suggest a project with a clear charitable purpose, as determined by Google and/or Google’s donor advised fund, the Tides Foundation (“Tides”), in their sole discretion;

No discriminate against any person or group of people in either hiring/employment practices or in the administration of programs and services, including on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity;

Agree that if you receive an Award, it will not be used for religious instruction.

Each of the four winners will receive a $250,000 grant and training from Google. The remaining 8 finalists will receive a $125,000 grant.

Google Impact Criteria

Community Impact: Does the proposed project create economic opportunity in Nigeria? Does it improve the lives of people in our country?

Innovation: Does the project present unexpected solutions to unmet needs?

Reach: Does it have the potential to scale directly or to serve as a model for other communities? Will its scope grow over time?

Feasibility: Is the project plan (or business plan) well thought-out, and the team well-equipped to execute on it?

Google Impact Challenge Timelines

“Application Period” is defined as beginning at 12:01 a.m. WAT on May 23, 2018 and ending at 11:59 p.m. WAT on July 4, 2018.

“Notification and Marketing Production Period” is defined as the period on or about October 15 through October November 25, 2018.

Projects Criteria FQA

What do you mean when you say “project”?

A project is your organization’s proposed concept and implementation plan for how you will create more opportunity in your community. If selected for a grant, we’ll be supporting the implementation of this project – so we need to know exactly how the grant will help you realize your plan. If another organization is currently implementing a similar concept, can we still submit the idea?

Yes, but please note that projects will be judged in part on their innovative approach and potential to scale. So you’ll need to tell us how and why your implementation is innovative for the community, why your organization is uniquely suited to implement the concept in a way that will be more successful than the solution that currently exists, or how you plan to partner with other organizations to achieve success.

Does this have to be a new idea for my organization?

It need not be brand new. In fact, it may already be a work in progress. If so, we would like to hear exactly how a grant will change the trajectory of your progress toward implementation, scale, and impact.

Over what time period should the grant funds be spent?

We expect the grant to be spent over the course of one to three years.

Can the grant be used to fund overhead and staffing costs?
Yes, but the large majority of the award should be devoted to the implementation of the project.

Will details of our project idea be kept confidential?

Google will not treat your project as confidential or proprietary, and the details of your project will be shared with Judges and possibly others to evaluate your proposal, so please do not submit any proprietary or confidential information in your application. Please keep in mind that if your organization is selected as a winner, your project summary will be made available to the public on the website.

Just a few quick notes before we begin:

1. Responses in this form cannot be saved for later completion. We
strongly recommend drafting your responses in a separate document first and only completing this form when the entire application is ready for submission.

2. You can find a copy of the application questions here. Free response fields enforce a maximum length per question (150 words in most cases).

3. Do not submit any confidential or proprietary information through this application.

4. You must be using one of the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or newer, or the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

5. Please review the Challenge Rules and the Google Privacy Policy before proceeding.
Applications must be submitted at or before 11:59 p.m. WAT on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. We encourage you to apply early given that we expect to receive high volumes of applications in the last few hours of the application window. Thank you!

Click here to Apply

Deadline: Wednesday, July 4, 2018.