Apply To Med’Innovant Africa 2019 Entrepreneurs (Funded)

Apply To Med'Innovant Africa 2019

Apply To Med’Innovant Africa 2019 Entrepreneurs (Funded)


The MED’INNOVANT AFRICA competition is organised by the urban development agency Euroméditerranée, the largest city-centre urban renewal and economic development operation in Southern Europe. For over 20 years, Euroméditerranée has been designing, developing and building a comprehensive model for the sustainable Mediterranean city.

In 2018, Euroméditerranée opened up the competition to international entrepreneurs, in particular looking to that side of the African continent which has historic links with the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis. From among more than 50 applications from African entrepreneurs received and appraised, a jury’s favorite award was presented to a start-up based in Chad.

Impressed by the African tech sector’s interest in the Smart City, this year Euroméditerranée is launching a MED’INNOVANT competition exclusively for African innovators. The purpose of this innovation contest is to identify, promote and accelerate to the next level project developers(start-ups, small and medium enterprises) looking to bring to market innovations (solutions and services) that are in line with the objectives of the Mediterranean and African sustainable city and can be implemented in Euroméditerranée’s catchment area.

Aims Of Medinnovant Africa Competition:

  • Unearth exciting African innovators with the capacity to test out their innovative solutions in the Euroméditerranée Ecocity;
  • Set up these start-ups in Euroméditerranée’s catchment area in view of increasing their market share in Europe;
  • Attract contractors, SMEs and European groups looking to develop their business in Africa.

Application Deadline: September 30th 2019

To apply visit the official homepage