Applying The Law Of Sacrifice In Leadership

Understanding The Law Of Sacrifice In Leadership

Applying The Law Of Sacrifice In Leadership


Today, we are going to talk about the law of SACRIFICE. How much can you sacrifice your time, money, skills to impact a group of individuals without a request of receiving return fees?

About three (3) months back, I was opportune to acquire a new skill. I went and enrolled for learning how to trade forex. And the team leader of the program told everyone you only have to pay some amount of dollars to learn this for a period of 4 -5 months, only for him to return on the second month to ask for monthly payment from everyone in the second month.

He was trying to make an impact, but using such opportunity to extort people with false conviction to join, and later pay again.

I had to stop the class, because I hate when people try to extort you in pretence to assist. Thought I have gained the basic principle of what I went to learn. I said this to say:

If you are a leader. There is what we call sacrifice. You stick to your words if you are doing it to make an impact. It is called sacrifice. Irrespective of what it entail to get it done. And not until you see yourself sacrificing for others freely, you are not called into leadership.

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So many of us from different part of the world have experience different level of leadership. And that’s great! But it like here in Africa leadership for most people means to dominate and conquer their followers. But today, I’d love to chip in something to your mind what it means to lead. [Becoming A Ready Man For Leadership]

Leading require generosity. You must have a generous heart to sacrifice, and not be greedy to enjoy the full benefit of leading.

You see, Every Good LEADER, that can allow the law of PROCESS, can COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY, that can INFLUENCE and COMMANDS a higher level of RESPECT must also be SACRIFICIAL

To be a great leader, you must be willing to Sacrifice the following:

・ Eliminate the desire for Freedom and Power
・ Eliminate your Ego
・ You must forego yourself interest
・ You must be a good Time manager
・ Eliminate Bad Habits
・ Eliminate egocentric behaviour

You Must Sacrifice Your Earns To Your Team.

Did you know what it means to lead a team without sacrifice?

It means there will never be any accomplishments.

“To lead a team to a successful height, you must allow GOD to lead you first” ~queen precious ntoe.

As a Christian, I won’t fail to use our Savior, the LORD JESUS CHRIST as a great example of a really sacrificial leader. All through His stay on earth with the great multitude of people (followers) He emulated a sacrificial lifestyle.

On His own maybe He would have chosen the lifestyle of FREEDOM and POWER but because He allowed Himself to be lead by the FATHER that was why He was able to lead and conquer all adversities. He didn’t desire freedom and power for Himself rather He was always setting the captives free. [ Define Leadership: My Lessons As A Leader Lesson 2]

Eliminate Your Ego

Jesus, lived a really sacrificial life because He left His Ego. He left His ego because He knew that true leadership is Sacrifice, Not privilege. I know in our society today, our leaders see leadership as a privilege, to do all manners, allow their kids do same too whereas in the true sense of it wasn’t meant to be so.

If Jesus, saw the position of leadership and Himself being a leader as a privilege, He would have been so egocentric. He would have said let me Lord over them after all “I am the Lord.” He would have said ” let them serve me” instead He served His people. He washed their feet.

You Must Forego Yourself Interest

~John C. Maxwell said ” A leader must give up to go up”

~Ray Hopkins said ” Leadership position is not a license to do less, it’s a responsibility to do more”

~queen precious Ntoe said ” A good leader must be about the interest of his team foregoing his own interests.

Leaders have to give up their rights, they need to put their team first, a great leader Allows credits to fall on his team not himself.

Why? Because without his team complaining, asking, seeking, misbehaving sometimes, he may not have been able to navigate his team to attend a goal. A Good leader must be willing to let go his self interest and step down when he finds himself no longer useful to his team. [ Integrity Is Leadership]

You Must Sacrifice Your Time

A good leader must always sacrifice and manage his time well. He must know what time and how long to assign and accomplish a project. In order words he must decide for himself how much time, energy and other sacrifices he should allow to assign to a job, project or task.

He should remember there is never a free time for a great leader , even when he is with his family, a great leader will still carry the interest of his team at heart.

A great leader can never complain, because such right will not be given him. In fact he must die first.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Make sure to keep your bad habits away because as a leader you be a role model. People will want to copy your habits. People will have to look up to you. I know you wouldn’t want your followers to copy bad habits too.

BE Willing To Sacrifice Your Earns To Your Team

You must be willing to sacrifice your ears , knowing that sometimes people may not want any advice. They just want to be heard, they want you to just listen to them. There is nothing more admirable in a team than being listened to by your leader. However ; a leader don’t just listen but must be able to provide solutions too. [ 9 Important Role Of Successive Supervisor And Leadership In Business ]



To be a good leader cost money also because, You must be updated. You must keep up with the trends and you will need to acquire new skills. You will have to be attending conferences, seminars and all.

Because of your job and position, you will have to look good, dress well, neat and appropriately. You will definitely need new productivity enhancing gadgets and apps because you will always have to be a step or two ahead of the team.

What are you waiting if you see yourself living a sacrificial lifestyle? You can lead too. You can lead in that peer group, church, community, class and all. Start today remember leadership is developed not born. Thanks you so much for your time, free to send in your questions, I will read and reply accordingly. It was so wonderful having you read this post. God bless you.