Are Desire For Ownership Good Or Bad?

Are Desire For Ownership Good Or Bad?


Have you ever come to a point where you desire ownership, and not something that looks like it for someone, but you want to keep it as yours?

Everyone of us as human in one way felt something of such in our life’s. We want to have something called ours, a personal goal to work towards. A business, a landed property to buy, and while some desire to have a soul mate to meet the emotional need.

Having the feeling or desiring for ownership is a mindset that you are actually growing in life, and not until this craving of ownership awakening in your heart, to drive you to go about a plan, you may never make progress in some areas of your life. Why is simply because you are not move to make any change in course from within to make difference.

As we grow, we come to truly see that we’re ready for some measure of growth and ownership in our lives. We begin to desire to have our own family, our own money, a job we can call our own, a lady or guy we can call ours, our own disciples, a house or home we can call ours, and not that which belong to another.

Taking Ownership

You see, it takes a lot of power to build, takes a lot of work to lay any foundation, takes a lot of strength to raise things and people around us and that concerns us, but it is more difficult and painful when we’re trying to lay a block or any foundation in places, with things, in and with people that doesn’t belong to us. It is a lot of energy that’s being wasted or thrown away.

So, it is this kind of pain that pushes us to stop doing something’s we used to, to stop giving freely what we used to, to stop paying the sacrifices we no longer find comfortable to pay because we perceive or truly come to see that no matter what we do, we’re going to be sowing those seeds on promising grounds.”

I know they say where we sow isn’t where we’ll reap our labor, but we come to a point where we get tired of sowing on those and on things that will never be ours. See, be careful who you fight for, for make sure what and who you fight for is already and truly yours so that you don’t fight in vain.

At a point in my life where am tired of sowing seeds to men which I cannot father, loving someone who belong to another, trying to raise and help people who never acknowledges it, being there for those who don’t value or understand it, going all out for those who keep waiting for someone else or giving the credit to someone else.

Am come to the end of myself, I cannot anymore. Sometimes, we can still do what we can for others, but we don’t anymore cause time isn’t on our side no-more. So it’s time to cut out suckers who look like friends when they’re enemies in disguise.