Apply For 2019 Automation Anywhere Bot Games Virtual Challenge

Anywhere Bot Games Virtual Challenge

Apply For 2019 Automation Anywhere Bot Games Virtual Challenge


Automation Anywhere pioneered Bot Games. Bot Games gathers developers, project managers, business process enthusiasts, and bot aficionados from around the world to put their skills to the test and compete in world-class bot building competitions.

Either you want to showcase your bot masterpiece, connect with the world’s leading RPA professionals, or win amazing prizes, participate in Automation Anywhere’s Bot Games and take part in the Bot Revolution.

2019 Bot Games Prizes

For each team: $10,000 USD

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For each team: $5,000 USD

For each team: $3,000 USD

How Bot Games Competition Works

  • Participants will submit a pre-developed bot created using Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise software.
  • The complexity, comprehensiveness, creativity, resiliency, and reusability of the bot will be judged by Automation Anywhere’s expert engineers and the finalists selected will compete in a live competition for the $10,000 grand prize. Need the Enterprise Software?

Click the resources tab in the main navigation to download a free Community Edition version of Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise platform to be used when creating your bot.

Application Deadline: July 21st, 2019

To apply visit the official homepage