How To Avoid Risk Related To (Late Night EATING)


How To Avoid Risk Related (To Late Night EATING)

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Most of us are found doing such, I mean eating late at night. Most people are because they like to eat always, and eating anytime never mean a risk to them or to their health; as long they are concern they never would want to deprive the stomach from food, even when it Is so late.

But many don’t know that late night eating is not advisable! Knowing the health implications can save you from alot of health problems, that even if you want to eat late at night, then apply the tips I have to share with you.So here You will learn How To Avoid Risk Related To Late Night Eating.

I was doing it, not until I listen to a doctor middle 2015, and since then I don’t eat late night. Even if I tend to, I make sure it little in quantity, and this is if I decide not to sleep immediately after meal.

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Eating at night is one of the risk factors that lead to [trunk obesity]. Food stored in our body can lead to excess accumulation of fat around your tommy and hip region and this can predispose someone to be affected to develop diabetes, hypertension and other nasty diseases.

3 things that are important and to consider if you want to eat late evening.

1. You need to consider you don’t eat late. At least 7pm is okay to enable your system digest the intake of food.

2. Secondly we need to ensure what we want to eat at night has very low calories and the quantity is also important.

3. Even if it a must you want to eat, try as much to avoid heavy food which some of the examples are: Beans, any of such similar food that is heavy.

More also, another thing one should consider; do not go to bed immediately after eating. Because most people do not wait after taking dinner, what next is they go into bed to sleep off.

This simply means that one could be at the risk of aspiration; this rightly mean that when we sleep immediately after meal and it didn’t digest, our food regurgitate. And when it regurgitate it could go into our air ways and cause us to chock.
This are some of the danger related to eating late at night. For your own safety and health, it is more advisable to eat less and at least rest for a good 1 hour or 2 hours before you go to bed.

Several questions most people have asked. Someone could say how about taking of fruits ?

That is much better. How about something like crackers biscuits, tea and bread or maybe groundnut?
You can, but what simply matter is the composition of the food, and not the food itself. And you may have to stay a little while to let it digest. So if probably you eat by 9pm you have to wait to 11pm before you sleep. Why is because we don’t want you to aspirate and chock.

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