Becoming A Ready Man For Leadership

Becoming A Ready Man For Leadership

Becoming A Ready Man For Leadership


Have you for once ask yourself why do people say this dudu doesn’t look ready? He doesn’t look fit to be a leader?

Well, there are many things that makes a man not ready about his responsibilities. Sometimes, it could either be an attitude of negligence not finding a purpose that makes him/her ready.

However, in Mark 1:2 “As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.”

David asked his brother Eliab a question, after Eliab had interrogated him about why he had come to the war-zone. And Eliab accused him of just coming to look or notice what was going on. But be careful not to forget that David was on a mission, an errand to bring food for his brothers.

I began to think how that it is only a man who has a heart for the people he loves that can be sent to feed them. But watch this; He has been taking care of sheeps. But there was as it had come into his spirit, a time for a change of scenery where he had proven himself in feeding and guiding the sheep at the sheep level, but was now qualified to get into feeding and guiding the armies of war, but this time, a leadership meal was to be offered their destinies. But the errand was the orchestrated and opportunity God had to use to get him into his next phase.

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But he never knew how it was going to happen, but when Eliab asked him, why he was concerned about the war, he answered Eliab by saying; “Is there not a cause?”

Someone am writing to, you have thought that door of opportunity is opened unto you because you’re highly blessed and favoured? But the Lord wants me to tell you, that “He’s getting you ready for the call of a mission, a ministry, and a purpose He’s been raising you for.

So, He’s put men and women in your life to prepare you, and to prepare unto you the way of the Lord for that which you’re called to do. Infact, right now, that vision is burning in your heart.

And though things are looking slow, but you’re being set in position for that which The Lord has in-store for you. There’s a great and firery man in you hungry for expression.