Best Method For Blog Organic Visitors

Best Method For Blog Organic Visitors

Best Method For Blog Organic Visitors

Have you ever wondered how important Traffic is to a blog/site?

And I believe reading this post means you either would want to venture into blogging, perhaps you already have a blog, and would want to grow big! In this post, we’ll look at what are the important things to set in structure for sustaining blog traffic.

When it comes to turning a site to a business, this means you are considering of [ monetizing ]and has a lot to do with your site traffic. So, Traffic is at the center of every bloggers desire. And most times, blogging without getting to reach the right audience is why most blogger quit blogging. However, let’s look at some Best Method For Blog Organic Visitors, which are:

1. Addressing a Specific Audience

Many people jump into blogging without first considering this point.

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Before you setup a business, the first thing that comes to your mind is who you are selling to or who gets to buy your products.

When you understand this you’d be able to drive sales as you’d know exactly how to strategize and showcase your business to the audience that wants your product.

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Even in the blogosphere, target audience is a crucial topic. If you do not have in mind the people your blog’s goods and services are for, you’d waste time and resources and ultimately end up frustrated.

So, before you start developing contents, decide who you are selling to and what you are selling.

2. Addressing a Problem

Why some bloggers are more successful than others is because the successful ones saw a problem, identified the problem and proffered working solutions to them.

Good corporate blogs direct their posts to solving one problem or the other. Not only do they drive in traffic, they earn a lot of revenue.

3. Optimizing Contents for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one tool so great, a legit use of it can fetch you so much traffic.

Any great blog post usually follows basic search engine rules such as keyword optimized titles, a good keyword ratio, keyword anchor text, and the use of optimized targeted keywords. Mastering SEO best practices is a very efficient means of driving in traffic to your blog.

Improving Your Blog Speed To Grow Your Traffic


4. Reducing the number of HTTP requests

Every time you open a website, HTTP requests are sent for each element on the page. To be precise, images, graphics, animations as well as other elements on the website have their own HTTP requests that enable them to load. Loading all these elements of your website lowers the loading speed. The best thing to do is to make sure you highly minimize these requests so as to improve speed. You can also delete the files that you do not actually need.

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5. Compressing and Combine files

With so many HTTP requests being sent to open each element on your website, no doubt your loading speed will be very low. To ensure that visitors access and remain on your website for enough time, combining files is highly advisable. This aims at reducing the HTTP requests that can be sent to access all pages of your website. This will improve your loading speed as different files will share one request.

6. Defer large files

Large files usually occupy a lot of space. These files take a long time to fully load. For example, JavaScript files are large and can make the whole page to load slower. Deferring such files can prevent them from loading and hence giving time to other files to load faster. This improves the overall loading speed of your website.

7. Host large files externally

As usual, large files occupy a very large space on your website. Videos are examples of large files that can be stored on your site. They make the overall loading of the website very slow. The worst scenario is when multiple visitors attempt to watch the video at the same time. To solve this, make use of external hosting platforms like YouTube. You can only include a link to the video on your website and direct visitors on the external platform. This saves a lot of space and improves the website loading speed.

8. Minimize redirects

In most cases, redirects are used to enable users to access a new page through an old link. They are used where pages are deleted or moved without interfering with the link. However, redirects can really slow down your website loading speed, especially if there are too many of them. Identify all redirects present on your site and minimize them. Only retain those that you really need. This will improve the overall speed of your site and help visitors to access pages faster.