Break Ups: How To Avoid Unnecessary Break Ups In A Relationship

Break Ups: How To Avoid Unnecessary Break Ups In A Relationship

Break Ups: How To Avoid Unnecessary Break Ups In A Relationship

Do you realize many relationship end daily with sad reasons that looks not very important. This is because one thinks these things are not so necessary, so they avoid them and it backfire leading to unnecessary break ups.

It hurts me a lot whenever I see a good relationship tearing apart, but then it comes into my mind that most people don’t know how to maintain a relationship. So, in this articles, we’ll look at some of the things to make your relationship work out. Both for guys and ladies.

How To Avoid Unnecessary Break Ups For the Guys:

Guys if you love a girl and you’re sure you love her, there are things you have to do to prove it:

1. Never push her to do the things, she doesn’t want to do.

2. Always try to listen carefully to her, and understand her.

3. Try to give her space to develop herself as a person.

4. Take very good care of her, in every possible way.

5.Try to call or text her, it goes a long way to remind her, that you are thinking about her.

6. Try to help her in every way you can, she is your helpmate and not your slave, so don’t enslave her.

7. Always worry about how she feels about things, worry about how she sees the world, try to get to know about her goals, and understand why she lives her life the way she does.

8. Try to trust her, now I know this may be hard especially if you have trust issues, but if you love a girl you should be able to trust her.

9. Try complimenting her, believe me it hurts a girl when the guy that claims he loves her, but can’t tell her she is beautiful. I mean you see her in a new dress and you just walk away, that’s really bad.

10. If you love a girl you’d accept her the way she is, you won’t try to change her. You would love her for who she is today and not for what will be tomorrow, and you would feel blessed to have her by your side.

11. Learn to talk, walk, dress and appear as a guy and not a lady.

12. Love her with her mistakes, remember that you are not also perfect.

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How To Avoid Unnecessary Break Ups For The Ladies:

LADIES, you also have a great part to play in a relationship, if you love that guy then:
1. You respect him, guys love girls who respect them a lot, you don’t try to bruise his ego by being disobedient and disrespectful.

2. Listen to him whenever he is talking, never talk back at a guy or walk away from him.

3. If you notice your guy is angry, don’t be in a hurry to find out what his problem is, give it time, especially if he is hot tempered, allow his temper to cool before talking to him.

4. Try to get close to his family members. A guy would love you more, if he sees you are in good terms with his family.

5. Do not nag at him, guys hate it when girls nags at them.

6. Girls you just can’t wake up one morning and say you want to change your guy, that’s impossible. If you want him to change, then give him time and reasons to change.

7. Try to show him how much you love and care about him, by being faithful. If you love your guy so much, I see no reason why your eyes should be on other guys.

8. Be independent, don’t just sit around there and wait for him to do all things. Try to help out, guys value girls who can contribute positively to their lives.

9. Be neat, a guy would love his girl to be neat and presentable, don’t be a talkative, guys hate that a lot. Try to give yourself some pride and dignity, as a girl you deserve to have that. Don’t make the mistake of throwing yourself at a guy, that’s really bad.

10. You don’t fight a guy, just because you’re having a misunderstanding doesn’t give you the right to fight with him. If you are arguing with him and can’t seem to sort it out, then do your fightings in prayers. It’s not your job to fight and argue with your guy, it is your job to pray for him, pray for his heart and every aspect of his life.

11. You need to learn how to cook different delicacy, learn how to serve him, make his cutlery and neat and clean, as a matter of fact, don’t serve him with same dishes and cutleries always.

12. Learn to talk, walk, dress and appear as a lady and not a guy.
Above all put God in the center of your relationship, and there is no way you can lose.