Building Relationships: How To Build Healthy Relationships With Others?

Building Relationships: How To Build Healthy Relationships With Others?

Building Relationships: How To Build Healthy Relationships With Others?

Building Relationships: How To Build Healthy Relationships With Others?

Still on leadership topic, “Building relationship with others.” But one thing so significant about who a leader is, can simply be traced to how they value humans than any other tangible valuables. Being able to ask some leadership experts in a forum, I got reply that gave me great factors about how a leader can build relationship with others. that I’ll share with you shortly, based on their opinions on this same topic. But understand that leadership relationship with others matters a lot in what you do, from business, job, career down to our personal and secret lives.

What is Relationship Building All About?

Relationships are the building blocks for all community organizing activities. Whether you want to organize a volleyball game or get rid of unfair housing practices in your town, you will need lots of good relationships. Why? Because the relationships we have with our coworkers, the communities we serve, and even our adversaries are the means for achieving our goals. People don’t work in isolation: we need to be working together! It is our relationships all added together that are the foundation of an organized effort for change. We need lots of people to contribute their ideas, take a stand, and get the work done.

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I was able to ask Brendan Despard, an Army Officer with 6 years of service. To him he said, building good relationship with others does not come easy to everyone, but it sure would help. In his words

“Building good relationships with others as a leader does not come easy to everyone, but it has always helped for me to direct my focus to others when I am involved in relationship building. When you do this, you’re not trying to formulate an impression for which you expect a certain response.

“It works the same with humor. It’s very obvious when comedians tell a joke and wait for laughter. Good comedians don’t do this. Similarly, good leaders don’t interact with others with anticipation of a positive reception. Some people really don’t react well to authority figures. My current boss is exceptional at building relationships with others. To summarize his approach he does these things:

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1. Be equally as interested in understanding the input from others as you are in sharing your insights, vision, observations and feedback. Whenever information is given to you that isn’t perfectly clear, ask one or two clarifying questions to make sure you received the message. When you repeat back what you heard in the form of a question, people tend to improve their statements the second time around. This exchange subtly communicates that what they say matters to you.

2. Be free of entitlement and genuinely thank others for their contribution and attendance. Use your authority to push others to do the right thing and push them hard, but be conscious about the limits to your influence. This takes knowing how much relationship power you have with each person you lead. If you have helped them progress in their career and empowered them in their role, they will be more commited to the team and their results will be of high quality. Say “I appreciate your engagement,” when people choose to solve a problem when they weren’t asked or they could have stayed out of it.

3. Go out of your way to show how much you care. When the organization has a death, try your best to attend the service.

4. Be aware of exceptional individuals and exceptional deeds and repeatedly tell them when you notice it. It also helps to acknowledge that you probably didn’t see all of the work that went into the final product or outcome. “From my perspective, you did a really good job.”

While asked same question to Billy Arcement, MEd Educational Administration and Supervision & Physical Education, Louisiana State University (1965), when I asked him same question, his responds to my question is: “Relationship grow from removing bias, being open to the opinions of others, respecting and caring for people. Practice good manners and consideration. Genuinely strive to “like” the person. Look for their good qualities. If you lead, help people improve by your guidance and skills in developing others. Helping your employees grow is a great relationship builder. So, get started building.”

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Adding to other opinions, Murphy Sharp, Bank Leadership & Management was able to contribute to my question. To him, he said

Be a trust worthy individual who deserves to be followed. Show interest in other people and help and support them whenever and wherever you can. Help to develop others as people and professionals. This does not mean to allow people to run over you, but ensure that care, compassion, and respect is always a factor in every interaction; even when others are not displaying their best behavior.

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In rounding up, Leadership is not all about service to achieve a goal. It’s about valuing those who have given more of their ideas, time, trust, love, concern to be part of your achievement, understanding they are a big part of your success.