Causes Of Sleep Paralysis Syndrome

Causes of Sleep paralysis syndrome
Causes of Sleep paralysis syndrome

Causes Of Sleep Paralysis Syndrome.

What do you understand by sleep paralysis? Do You think it is spiritual force like it is painted to believe like most people in Africa. Well you can better understand what causes sleep paralysis, symptoms and know it treatment.

Sleep paralysis is the inability to move or speak immediately after waking up. This can be an exceptionally scary time for those afflicted with this weird phenomenon, but despite former beliefs, the feeling of paralysis is not caused by supernatural beings.

Causes Of Sleep Paralysis
Sleep paralysis happens when a person wakes up before During rapid eye movement (REM) is finished. The person will be conscious, but the body’s ability to move hasn’t been turned back on yet.

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Several things that can result to sleep paralysis. For instance, sleep deprivation, some medications and some sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea , are triggers. Sleep paralysis is commonly seen in patients with narcolepsy, said Dr. Shelby Harris, director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at the Montefiore Health System in the Bronx, New York.

Most Youth seems to be a factor in the occurrence of sleep paralysis. According to the Mayo Clinic, this disorder is more likely to happen to people between the ages of 10 and 25. Sleep paralysis is also more prevalent in those with post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder, according to a 2017 report published by the National Institutes of Health.

Sleep paralysis may also be genetic, according to a study done on 862 twins and siblings. “It’s still a preliminary finding,” said Daniel Denis, a psychologist at the University of Sheffield in England, and co-author of the study published online February 2015 in the Journal of Sleep Research, but added that it provides “a general inkling that something to do with the control of circadian rhythms is probably involved in sleep paralysis.”

Symptoms Of Sleep Paralysis
Those afflicted with sleep paralysis are often unable to move their bodies or speak immediately after waking up. This can last one to two minutes, according to the Mayo Clinic . People experiencing sleep paralysis may also feel a weight on their chest or a choking feeling.

In the past, it was believed that demons caused sleep paralysis by holding people down or sitting on their chest. This was often due to hallucinations, which are a common symptom during sleep paralysis because the brain is still in a dream state. People have reported seeing ghosts, demons and other strange apparitions while experiencing paralysis.

Prevention and treatment
According to findings For most people, there is no treatment for sleep paralysis. The key is prevention and the treatment of any causes. “If you have rare episodes of sleep paralysis, but haven’t been seen by a sleep specialist, make sure your sleep hygiene is solid. For example, sleep paralysis can be a sign that you’re sleep deprived,” said Harris. Harris therefore suggested that those experiencing sleep paralysis should make sure to get enough sleep on a regular basis, avoid the following:


•Drugs all night, starting three hours before bedtime. They should also limit caffeine after 2 p.m. and keep electronics out of the bedroom.

“If these things don’t help, and you’re having episodes that are becoming somewhat more frequent, see a sleep specialist to see if there’s any underlying medical disorder that might be causing the sleep paralysis,” Harris said.