Checkmate 12 Principles To Avoid Broken Focus

Checkmate 12 Principles To Avoid Broken FocusCheckmate 12 Principles To Avoid Broken Focus 1 Checkmate 12 Principles To Avoid Broken Focus

Principles are universal truth that no matter how small it is, breaking one means it would render you helpless. So you have to checkmate yourself in other not to break any.

A father and a teacher once said: ‘’Broken focus is the reason men fail.’’ The first time I read that quote, I was wow… It changed my thoughts about planning, who I was and what to look up to.

Do you know that Habits are powerful than desire! The oxford dictionary explains `Habit’ as: (1) practice that is hard to give up.
(2) Mental constitution or attitude. That’s to simply say anything done more than twice becomes a habit, and such is easily attainable when we give our attention to that which needs our focus. There are few habits that kills men focus. Pointing out some things that keeps people stuck, and when not resolved it could create life lasting problems which could become an attitude not giving to change. So nevertheless, don’t be sad of fixing such negative attitude if you have any opposite I would mention, for they are also catalyst for improvement if you love to change them.
The word ‘’focus’’ is define as: center of interest or activity. Focus is giving your attention to that which you are involved in. And in sustaining focus we should be willing to preservers under trials, for surviving means no sentiment. And vision is therefore more important than money, for if money is what keeps one to be focus, then the real purpose is neither clear.
Many wealthy people don’t have purpose to give their focus to, we won’t want to be included to the numbers. Rather what keeps one vision is the ability to sustain focus. For most fundamental thing every man needs to become a real man sustaining focus are:
2.Vision. 
3.Responsibility. 
4. Obedient to God commands (words).
5. Be strong and courageous. 
6. Being a logic thinker. 
7. Servant heart. 
8.Having a teachable spirit.
9. Avoiding resentment to love.
10. Avoid Regret. 
11. Avoiding self-pity. 
12. Do not blame God whatever happens.
13. Add yours?
1. Purpose is mandatory to whatever focus we have. This help you know what journey you’re to embark on. As you consistently travel from one phases of life to another. The answer to have a fulfilling life is purpose! Are you depressed, battling with loneliness? Then your first step is to have a cause greater than yours to live for. And give yourself to it.

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2. Vision. ‘’Death is never the end point, for the most dangerous death ever is a man without a vision.’’- Myles Munroe. The easiest way to kill a man vision either in business, family, education or career is to find him/her another task that looks much appealing to his sight, and seems attractive to his sense of want that will takes his attention. In being a man of focus, we must have strong and solid vision.
Vision is truly much important than pleasure. It makes you act upon that which is needful and what is compelling to the present. ‘’Great vision without great people is irrelevant.-Jim Collins’’
3. Responsibility. In being responsible means you are in charge of whatever happens in your life! You won’t hold or blame anyone for what they did, or what they won’t do once you have come to the level of accountability. So as a person of focus, you are responsible to whatever decision you would make. Responsibility means being accountable. To sustain the focus you’ve built upon is to have responsibility to commitment.
4. Obedient to God commands (words).Man with all physical achievement is nothing without God words. A strong man with a solid focus is one who is submissive to God and His words. Myles Munroe says: ‘’ If you want to be a God man, don’t rebel against His Authority, and that is how He build your focus to achieve success.’’

5. Be strong and courageous. However it may be, being strong and courageous to sustain your focus. Be strong in the Lord and in the word of His grace. For ordinarily man can not be all that he want except God brings him to that point of operation to function.

6. Being a logic thinker to sustain focus.You must be logical In thinking, which means as someone of positive focus you ought to be logical in strategy. You should be able to identify specific problems, analyze them and what needs to be done. Implement decision and will to act on it.

7. Servant Heart.A man with a focus, who intend to become a leader is a servant and also a ruler. He takes care of others before himself. But Jesus summoned them and said: “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. It shall not be so among you, but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. Whoever desires to be first among you shall be your bond-servant, even as the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

8. A Teachable Spirit. What differentiate a man of focus is because of his teachable spirit. The willingness to learn from others, and accept being corrected when the need be. In sustaining focus, there is the need to learn from others ahead of you. You can’t know everything all by yourself. That is where the purpose of mentor and coaching comes in to improve on your insights on something you may not see from your own aspect of view.

9. Avoiding resentment to love. You must avoid resentment to love. There is love in correction, love in teaching as well to rebuked un-cultured attitude. We must avoid complaining, comparing, or criticizing others. It a road to nowhere. Rather refuse to live life comparing, and put your focus to what you’d love to achieve.

10. Avoid Regrets. To be a man of focus it is important to do away from regret as far as you could. I was once on that position, the more I try to blame others for my past, the more things were awkward. Regret are dangerous to focus sustaining. It has no positive influence to what demand you have for better achievement. It rob one of his hope, and creative energies. So forgive you past, look into the present and plan the future.

11. Avoid Self-Pity. You don’t need it! Rather you need to stop doing things that brings pity to you. It takes away the focus of what you consider to do, and causes someone to help you see ahead. Having self-pity does not either energize your focus. The moment one engaged into self-pity, one stand to function in a direction of weakling.

12. Don’t Blame God To Whatever Happens.It amaze me how people talks about God most times when terrible things do happens, or when a loved one die. They simply put the blame on God because they have heard most preachers said: by dust we come and to it we return, God give and taketh. God does not need to take what He gives, and if anything should happen beyond you approval, then take it to God in discussion (Prayer), rather than losing focus and giving up on hope on that which you’ve know about His marvelous name. You must learn to trust in Him. ‘’You’ll never see God as your solution, until you stop seeing Him as your Problem’’-Bob Gass.

Today I encourage you to checkmate these principles to your present phase of life and see how to amend your ways. I am still your Friend on Daily Inspired And Counseling With: Beloved Desmond.