How To Decide Between Two Choices

How To Decide Between Two Choices


Most success in life happens in retrospect, like looking in the in mirror to see what happened. Aristotle once wrote, “wisdom is a combination of experience plus reflection.’’

Today what you reflect on can become a big part of your personality deciding between two choices.

I.e. the choices we make and the goals you’ll apply action matters if you want to achieve prosperity. I call this, choice and goals (deciding between two important path).

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Life is a series of choice in the sense that some of us can look back in our own life and think of the choices we have built upon, that were good and that produced positive results.

My Blogging Choice

Choosing to blog and inspire you reading this post is a choice solidify on firm decision backed with action. I am blogging today on my platform hkitnob is simply to do something different, is one of a great choice of mine. Choosing a good career path is another is also a taste of your choice. [ Positive Thinking Your Act Of Choice  ]

Choosing the right house. Choices can affect how we feel about life and can determine how life affects us. Why, we can even choose how we’ll feel about the situation we’re thrown into and how we will react.

Many people have made positive choices to abstain from unhealthy habits, some of us have chosen to give them up like smoking, drinking, or taking drugs. It’s a good feeling to look back and know we’ve improved our quality of life, and in some cases, we’ve increased our days by making these positive moves.

Consequence of Bad Choice

At the same time, we can probably think back on some bad choices we’ve made that produced negative results. Today, we regret having ever made those bad choices. Many people are choosing to adopt patterns of negativity, always expecting the worst to happen. They often bring upon themselves the very things they fear.

Some choose lives of inactivity spending too much time in front of the tv or compute, rather than getting regular physical exercise. And they are now paying for those poor choices with bad health and expanding waistlines.

It is important to consider the kind of choice that will affect the rest of our lives. Your choice of what you are going to achieve in long or short term. The choices you make here can determine whether you live long, healthy life or a short painful one.

Deciding Your Goals from Choice

The very first choice to make if you are going to be successful at almost anything in life is to set some goals. The most important key is to achieving great success in any endeavor is for you to decide upon your goal and then launch, Take action. When you go on a journey, your goal is your destination; then you take a map and set your course.

To reach your destination successfully you chart mini-goals, traveling to point A. upon reaching point A, you set another goal target reaching point B, so on, until you reach your final destination goal.

If you want to enjoy and experience the optimal life God has desires for you, you must also set mini-goals that will help you reach that final destination goals.

These goals should be set out in writing and reviewed often. You’ll find that keeping these goals constantly before you will help immeasurably with your success. Along with the setting of a goal, you need to also have a clear reason for wanting to reach that goal.

Psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Let the word of God lead you journey of success.

7 Decision Making Process 

1. Decide upon your goal then launch. Take action.

2. Once you’ve launch towards your goals, never consider the possibility of failure.

3. The biggest goal can be achieved in the world if you take things one thing at a time.

4. Avoid the naysayers. Those who think their perspective about you all paint failure.

5. Always welcome obstacles and difficulties as valuable and inevitable steps on the ladder of success.

6. Be clear about your goals, but flexible about the process of achieving it.

7. Nobody does it alone. At every step of the way on our journey, people helped us with advice, with food, with assistance, and with money, but especially with warmth and kindness generosity. I have come to realize at every point of our life, someone will be standing there with an outstretched hand, offering advice or assistance or an encouraging words.

I see you’re a success. Join me on my next post here on Hkitnob daily inspire and counseling