Dealing With Conflict: Your Life Conflict It’s Just A Test

Dealing With Conflict: Your Life Conflict It's Just A Test

Dealing With Conflict: Your Life Conflict It’s Just A Test


Conflict is natural to life, but allowing yourself to be derail and derange by conflict means one lacks the ability to overcome life storms to see possibilities! And lack vision to come out of it. But how you handle self-conflict, deciding what stands matters and goes a long way beyond what generated the inner conflict.

Have you been having disagreement on what your life is at the moment?

Do you feel your life is a combination of toxic, and you think this can never be changed, perhaps your conclusion presently is to continue living without an assurance of any improvement or change that would occur?

I don’t know what conflict or trouble you face today. I imagine for some it feels quite intolerable. I understand — I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to count down the hours until the day is over.

I can find meaning in what just seemed pointless and horrible. It doesn’t mean there aren’t scars; even Jesus had scars. And yet His resurrection is the greatest promise of resolution.

But you also have to understand conflict is a major part of life, of growth, of humanity and situations. Conflicts doesn’t just happen, it comes with events that has transpired, people coming, moving or leaving, people saying something, people acting differently, people dying, people disagreeing, people’s level of exposure, people’s thinking pattern, people’s expectations and so on… [ Decisions That Make The Difference]

But looking at all these, the focus is not really about the conflicts that we face, but the strength that these situations brings, the wisdom they bring and the power of character it builds in us.

Somehow, it is not about the one who have disagreed with you or those who threw you out, or are placing heavy demands on you, but it is this; Can you see yourself capable, and strong and able to be who you must be irrespective of those who help or didn’t help you, those who loved or despise you, those who agreed or disagreed with you?

Can you see that what or who you are or have is enough to take you from where you are to where you should be or to the end of that plan? Can you see that that seemingly challenging situation came to promote you, reposition you and not to destroy you?

It matters how you think and see what you have and are, and what you’re going through. If we choose to see things beyond or only within our own ability, our own resources or strength, we may never go beyond here.

But if we calm down and look with our inner eyes, saying “I can, we’ll, we’ll go pass this, I will just do what I can, how I can and will stop allowing fear and pressure from external circumstances mount upon me to cause anger, bitterness, complain, worry and even making you take flight, then you have dis-allowed that external pressure destroy your inner peace and confidence.”

Cast not away your confidence which has great recompense of reward. God see’s where you are, your present capacity, what you’re going through and He’s involved in the process of it to help you through that trouble. You’re not alone. Stay strong, be encouraged.

I see you making progress today, and making a positive change from every conflict you might may be going through.

Do have a wonderful day, succeeding…