Define Leadership: My Lessons As A Leader Lesson 2

Define Leadership: My Lessons As A Leader Lesson 2
leadership with others

Define Leadership: My Lessons As A Leader Lesson 2

Define Leadership: My Lessons As A Leader Lesson 2.

It has been said that “People do not care about what you know, until they know you care.” How true? My answer is, It’s Sooo True!

One of the greatest lessons I have come to learn in my journey of leadership is that ‘RELATIONSHIP IS IMPACT AND IMPACT IS DETERMINED BY RELATIONSHIP.’

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What do i mean? People are like cities. One nation cannot carry out business activities in another nation without a door first created, and the opportunities to continually do business together cannot be established without constant communication.[ 15 Important Ultimate Gift For Discovering Your Leadership Strength ]

I have noticed that there are different kinds of people and also different kinds of leaders. The leadership lesson that may have been the most effective key for one person may not be the most effective for another because the make-up of each person is different. But what is the key here?

The key here is to observe the response you’re getting from others when you do certain things and the response people do not give you when you don’t. I found for myself that my leadership path is more effective with friendliness and care. I have to keep keeping on with the friendships I have with those I influence. That is why I try to know you on a personal level.

Keep this: No body follows you just because you’re a leader, people follow leaders because the leader cares. They might follow you at the beginning because you have something they like, but if you don’t care or create a door to reach out to who and how they are, your influence will become still and become less effective. [ 7 Life Lessons Learned From Failures Every Entrepreneur Must Eventually Face ]

The key is Create a strong relationship with those you influence or those you want to influence and that means checking up on them at least once every week.

Never forget this! IMPACT IS RELATIONSHIP, AND RELATIONSHIP OPENS THE DOOR AND MORE DOORS FOR IMPACT. And once you learn this key, your leading pattern and impact will improve greatly.[ Learning To Be A Leader? 7 Things Worth Knowing ]

Don’t say you’re not a people-person. To Lead is to be in the business of people or the people-business. You must open up so that you can make impact.