Do Nigeria Unity Worth More Than Ethnic, Religious And Regional To Arewa Youths?


Do Nigeria Unity Worth More Than Ethnic, Religious And Regional To Arewa Youths?

I have followed closely with the current trending news in radios and television by the ” 3 months ultimatum given to Igbo (South East) by Arewa youths of Northern Nigerian to exit it region. But one thing I could say is that God bless her nation!

We have all forgotten “I pledged to serve my country ! To be Faithfully, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all our strength and to also defend our “Unity.”

The pledge above from our national anthem is a reminder of what were the thoughts of our early leaders dreams who fought to defend our ‘unity,’ that it had to become part of our national anthem to keep records of where we were coming from, to where we aimed to be in the future in absence of the government weakness. To teach the generation the history of the blood shared in the past to sustain peace. The unity of Nigeria was beyond ethnic, religion or regional crisis to which Nigeria gain independence in 1960. History would repeat it self in months to come if Nigeria youths and leaders do not take caution to how they lead, simply making laws in favour of religion believe, ethnicity and regions. Maybe because most of our current youths and leaders didn’t witness the war that first took place before her nation gain independence.

In conclusion, we have to look into the future and think logically what is our aim as a nation to sustain our development having positive impact to her nation.

Today if you are from South south, South east and North, and your aim is to crave for the disintingration of this Nation. What is your assurance you will live to enjoy the outcome of such decision?

If we have to stand as a nation, no region is superior to any region! If we have to stay as a country, no region should be imaginalize, and no region should be deprived from having the benefits entitled to other regions. However, we should be one irrespective of cultural difference and respect others who do not practice same doctrine with you.