Don’t Panic! You Are In God’s Plans

Don't Panic! You Are In God's Plans

Don’t Panic! You Are In God’s Plans


There’s always the time one thing could scare us. Hysterical articles within the media promote papers and entice eyeballs to web sites, however often exaggerate info. In case you hear without evaluating what you’re being informed, it’s simple to develop into frightened.

Folks get upset, they’re afraid of emotional penalties and so they overreact, which might really create the results they concern. Panic is an overreaction to an actual (and even imagined) downside. Scary yourself past the true must take care of an issue places your physique into combat or flight mode as if your life had been instantly threatened.

Panic is a pure startle response that will get you exaggerated and turns into extended depression. Folks usually be taught to panic as a result of, in early childhood, panic can get us out of tasks. Freaking out, crying, throwing mood tantrums, or shutting down are all panic responses young children use which trigger some competent grownup to take over and develop into the hero. [ How To Stay Of Worry Thoughts ]

This may be okay now and again, however as this sample repeats, it turns into rescuing and codependency. Panic creates drama, pointless and damaging exaggeration of the issue, which ends up in dysfunctional responses and overblown household drama.

Does Panic Provide Solution?

Let me share a story with you form the Bible. According to [Genesis 32] Jacob had mastered how to get his way and it worked most of the time until he had to face his brother, Esau. He sent people to meet with Esau and they came back to Jacob letting him know Esau was on his way with 400 men. ⁣⁣

In great fear and distress, he came up with a plan. A plan that was built to effectively minimize his personal pain. He divided his camp into groups, sent them ahead to meet Esau with gifts. If Esau was to destroy them, Jacob would get the memo in time. ⁣⁣

Then Jacob prayed, ‘God, save me…’ While he panic over many things. But something happened that changed his life that made his story so interesting.⁣⁣ That night, he sent his family across the stream and he was all alone, vulnerable.

Then he had an encounter with a man. He wrestled all night, he was wounded, had his hip socket dislocated, his strategy shattered, but he walked away blessed with a new identity.

Sometimes, it just seems so quiet and slow, none-fulfilling, none-achieving and none functioning in our lives. But Note the words; ‘it seems.’

But when we hear nothing at all, no new thing that we are getting into or know how long it’s going to be that we’ll have to wait, when we are tired of our present level, or think of something new to do, it is at such times that we’re being built or raised for our next level and for what is coming ahead.

Greatness (i.e God) unveiling Himself through us is greatness first preparing us for that season and time through an increase in training and preparations. God is not finished with you yet, you’re a man and woman in process, don’t give up on yourself, don’t listen to that voice of condemnation, defeat or waste of time, for there’s a purpose, there’s a plan, there’s an aim and an end point that the Lord has in mind.

He says; “Though the vision (plans, purpose, aim, desire or call) tarries, He says wait for it… watch this; For the vision is for an appointed time, it will not fail, it’ll become. Hab 2:2.

Do not use what people are saying or what Satan is making you think or feel to judge God’s outcome. No!

A thousand shall fall at thy side, yea, ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come nigh you, and only with your eyes shall you look and behold the reward of the wicked. I don’t know who this is for, but God sent me to tell you, that it’s going to turn out Alright! You’re not alone or confused, God is with you.

Do not be scared. If you are going through a tough time right now, remember that God answers prayers and He is your very present help in time of need.

Letting go might be painful, but trust Him fully! He is giving you a new identity.⁣⁣  Today, you may be going through any difficulty times in business, laying a foundation in life and it seems you are alone in it without help.

Or maybe things are not fine in your Career, Education, Family/Relationship, Personal challenges. Don’t panic… God has a plan for your life.

There’s an outcome, a process, a way, a door in the name of Jesus and a plan in God’s Mind for you. Do not give up and don’t panic.