Faith Quotes

Faith Quotes
Pastor David O. Oyedepo and pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Faith Quotes

Series of combined faith quotes from Pastor David O. Oyedepo and Chris Oyakhilome, you’ll want to read daily.

“Until you prevail with God, you cannot prevail with men; your victory has to be spiritual first, before it is physical. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“Your depth in knowledge will determine the height you enjoy as far as liberty is concerned.”-David O. Oyedepo

“If you act your faith, you may look foolish for five minutes; but if you don’t act your faith, you may be foolish forever. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“If you want to enjoy the full benefits of the Christian life, it is time to give yourself to meditation.”-David O. Oyedepo

“He becomes your Teacher. Jesus said when the Spirit of truth comes, He shall teach you all things. He didn’t say ‘some things,’ but ALL THINGS. Glory to God! Anything in this life, anything about life, anything about God, ANYTHING at all, the Holy Ghost can teach you if you will ask or let Him. He will open up the Word of God to you and unveil the realities of God to you. He will be your Teacher. He will let you know what to do. When the Holy Ghost takes over your life, you will be different. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“God’s Word can never be made invalid or ineffective. The Bible says God’s Word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12).”-David O. Oyedepo

“When the Holy Spirit comes to live within you, He will come with the ability to produce righteousness. Righteousness is the nature of God, which when imparted to the human spirit, produces the rightness of God in the human spirit. It gives man right standing with God; it gives him the ability to stand in the presence of God without a sense of guilt, inferiority or condemnation. It means rightness in God. The righteousness of God is wrought in you. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“Faith that works is the Faith that speak.”-David O. Oyedepo

“When you’re anointed, you become blessed of God such that everything you touch or do prospers. To be “blessed” means to be empowered to prosper. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“Anything you are not serious about, you cannot make the most of it.”-David O. Oyedepo

“It’s not what you’re faced with that’s the problem, it’s what you do with the situation. Your experience is not the important thing; what really matters is what you do with your experience. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“A day is coming when we will have gold as dust.”-David O. Oyedepo

“I’m boasting in God’s Word, because I’ve found out His Word works.”- Chris Oyakhilome

“The place of the promotion of God’s kingdom in your prayer life determines the answer you receive to your own prayers. No one lacks what he shares; you only lack what you keep. So, share your prayer life.”-David O. Oyedepo

“As a Christian, you ought to be less concerned about where God is bringing you out from, rather, focus on where He’s taking you to. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“Not every prayer is answered. Secure His attention by praying according to His will via His word. Any prayer that is void of “it is written” is null and void.”-David O. Oyedepo

“Until you respond to God by faith, you do not receive from Him, because God is a faith-God. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“A walk with Jesus is a profession; it is business engaging in word practice. Serving God is big-time business. Fasting is big-time business for high-level profiting.”-David O. Oyedepo

“As a child of God, you must realize that you are on the winning side of prophecy; until you win it is not over! ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“There’s a concoction of scriptures that compels God to give you audience. Strong reasons are as a result of strong search.”-David O. Oyedepo

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“There’s an anointing the Spirit of God brings into your life; and that anointing gives you insight into the things of God. It opens the mind of God to you and unveils the riches of His glory to you. God said, “I will no longer hide my face from them,” because of the outpouring of His Spirit, Hallelujah! ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“The moment God can trust that you will not misbehave with His supplies, He will put them across… It’s your capacity rating that determines what He puts across to you.”-David O. Oyedepo

“Begging in the Name of Jesus is an insult to His Name. Use His Name as a king, with boldness!”- Chris Oyakhilome

“Ambition is your aspirations; vision is God’s plan for you… Nobody ever fulfills destiny walking outside of God’s plans…Those who wander away from God-ordained plans are reserved for the blackness of darkness.”-David O. Oyedepo

“If at the age of thirty you don’t know what God has called you to do; you may never know. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

“If you believe it, then show it. (With corresponding action). When your actions don’t align with what you claim to believe, it is fake.”-David O. Oyedepo

“Every creature reproduces after its kind. A dog gives birth to dogs, a cat gives birth to cats, a cow gives birth to cows, a monkey reproduces monkeys and a human reproduces humans. So when God gives birth, what do you think He’ll reproduce? gods, of course! When God created Man, He created him in His image and after His likeness. That’s why we look like Him; we have two hands the same way He has two hands. We have two legs, one head, one mouth, one nose, two ears and two eyes just like Him. ” Chris Oyakhilome

“What you see with the eyes of faith is more real than what you see with your optical eyes. ”- Chris Oyakhilome

Kings don’t beg, they decree. They have only one destiny and that’s to reign. God has made you king. Reign and rule, refuse to beg! ” Chris Oyakhilome

“Until you change a man’s thinking, you cannot change his life, you cannot change his state and therefore cannot change his estate.
The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing. How far your vision can go is how much you can possess. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“God has never made a failure; that he gave birth to you means you are a success. Success is in your DNA. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“Every problem comes along with it’s solution; the bigger the problem, the bigger the testimony. Cheer up! ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“There is nothing wrong with being poor; but there is everything wrong with remaining poor after you have discovered your riches in Christ. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“A man without the Holy Ghost is a blind man. He may not know it but that’s what blindness is all about. A blind man is not just someone who cannot see, he can see alright, but all he sees is darkness. It’s the same thing in the realm of the spirit. A blind man in the realm of the spirit is one who doesn’t know the things of the spirit, he can’t see the things of the Spirit of God. But when the Holy Spirit comes into your life, you will no longer be blind because He will cause you to see what others can’t see. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“The challenge may not go away when you pray, and when it doesn’t go away, it simply means God believes that He has trained you enough to face it and win. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“If the Holy Spirit takes over your family, your business or your health, it doesn’t matter what troubles you’ve been experiencing or what’s been going wrong, you will begin to go from strength to strength, from grace to grace, from faith to faith, from success to success and from greatness to greatness. When the Holy Spirit takes over your life, He’ll drive every sickness out of your body; He’ll make right everything that was wrong. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“God’s idea is for us to become the Word of God, in such a way that men can read the Word by looking at our lives. ”-Chris Oyakhilome

“You are not a success until you start changing other lives permanently. ”-Chris Oyakhilome