Financial Education Is Learning How To Invest Capital

Financial Education Is Learning How To Invest Capital

Financial Education Is Learning How To Invest Capital

Financial Education Is Learning How To Invest Capital.

Good Day Friends and followers of Hkitnob platform. Today I see you having a change in your financial life.

Do you know the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement?

Do you know the necessary due diligence steps to take before putting capital at risk on a new investment?

Do you know the difference between investing and gambling and how it affects your profits?

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Amazingly, the single biggest skill that can make or break your financial success isn’t taught in school. You can graduate with a four year degree and learn nothing about personal finance or investing.

Doctors and attorneys can open their own practices without any clue how to read a financial statement. Business owners and investors can remain dangerously ignorant of the tax law.

The truth is, financial literacy is the essential skill you must develop if your goal is to build wealth and enjoy financial security. There’s no alternative.

Do you know true success and achievements are necessarily not measured by the big tangible commodities and expensive liabilities that most people considered to be an achievement, in most part of the world or especially Africa. This is neither I encouraging you to stay in romance with cheap commodities or telling you to be poor to learn financial education. But to bring to your awareness that true success are measured by capital and knowledge intensive. Because most times it takes a lot of capital and time to gain the necessary knowledge. Most times learning how to operate an investment, or investing and making mistakes cost money, and if you lack both money and knowledge it is suicidal trying to become successful financially through investment.

The best way to stay super wealthy is what successful investors knows better that you cannot become successful without the acquaintance to knowledge. I.e you’ve to learn and earn.

At a time in my life I stopped investing I after I had some financial lessons which some would consider as challenges due to what I encountered, but according to Robert T. Kiyosaki, “There are no mistakes in life. You only learn lessons. ” The lesson to move forward and see your financial mistake as an opportunity to gain wealth.

What makes you the real business man/ investor through financial learning?

The big secret is this, it takes neither money to be financially free, nor a good formal education. It also doesn’t have to be risky. Instead freedom is measured in dreams, desire and the ability to overcome disappointment that occur along the way, either in business, investment or your personal life.

What keeps your business going is passion and not the fear. The passion to learn something new always, and not the pressure society or life put on you. The passion to build a system.

The passion to invest in your business and dreams even if your loss all you have earn. Because money do not motivate people with dreams, it only enable them achieve their goals. For It is not the money you have that makes you rich nor wealthy. It is the financial education that you have gained.

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While you earn money, or rather considering to earn money from various means you have invested into. It’s wise to gain more financial education. To be financially educated is wise! Don’t just invest to only earn money, also invest to upgrade your knowledge gathering experience as well. Financial insecurity is, ‘having a billion dollars with no financial education,’ Will lead to acquiring commodities that seems like asset, but are not when considering financial facts that are not based on people opinions. For such commodities does always depreciate it value twice as bought.

Adopting Capital Investment

To invest is not as risky! What is risky is literally not being financially educated and not applying action. What can sustain wealth to move from the E (Employee) & S (Self employed) quadrant from the left to the B (Business) & I (Investor’s) quadrant in the right hand is financial education; that enables you to control your resources and investment.

Today I encourage you to develop time to also gain financial prowess through reading and learning from those who have gone two or more steps ahead than you have gain.

I remain you Friend, and Brother. Beloved Desmond on Daily Inspired and Counseling. Do have a winning week.


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