Fix ‘Database Already up-to-date Loop After Updating’ WordPress

Fix ‘Database Already up-to-date Loop After Updating’ WordPress

Fix ‘Database Already up-to-date Loop After Updating’ WordPress

Fix ‘Database Already up-to-date Loop After Updating’ WordPress.

If you have been using WP for long, there is the tendency you may experience this error No Update Required, Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!” on your wordpress website admin dashboard.

This usually occur after you update your WordPress without deactivating all your WordPress plugins, coming across a fatal redirect loop; “Database update required” > “No update required, your WordPress database is already up to date” > again> and again >>

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Every time, you update the database of your WordPress, you will get back to the message of “no update required” and again you will be asked to update the database. If you not good in the technical aspect of wordpress you may assume your databased (files) are corrupt or damage.

What to do fixing WordPress database is already up to date

You need not to worry at all as it is a tiny issue caused by your caching plugin, most probably by “W3 Total Cache”. W3 Total cache cached the database queries and thus puts the damper on updating the database.

If you deactivated the plugin before updating WordPress, all caches would have been deleted and this issue would not have been arisen.

And if you are not good at the technical aspect, please look for someone your trust their knowledge to assist you, or contact your host provider for support.

Step 1:

[ renaming a php file named – object-cache.php placed inside /wp-content/ folder ]

Ways To Rename Object-Cache.Php

  1. Via your hosting file manager.

2.via a FTP software

Using Via Your Hosting File Manager Method

  • Step 1:

Login to your hosting control panel and access file manager > Browse your WordPress folder > wp-content > locate object-cache.php and rename it to object-cache.php.bak

  • Step 2:

Now get back to your WordPress and again try updating database > We assure you that you will successfully update your WordPress database and able to access your admin dashboard.

Using via a FTP software

I you want to use FTP software, like FileZilla, it more easily, just follow this my explanation.

  • Step 1:

< Open FileZilla >

Step 2:

Enter FTP login detail and connect > Access to WordPress directory and then finish the job

Step 3:

Once you are done with database update, again login to hosting file manager or FTP and rename object-cache.php.bak back to object-cache.php