Fun Part Of Nigeria Political Blame Game

Fun Part Of Nigeria Political Blame Game
Fun Part Of Nigeria Political Blame Game

Fun Part Of Nigeria Political Blame Game.

This days, one wonders what president Buhari has not done to Nigerians ??? Even devil just they hype him swag, in hausa tone, ha… cha yo wa… ”Na so President Buhari don dey bad pass me self?” No two master can rule here. I call this the Fun Part Of Nigeria Political Blame Game, if you actually consider this to be personal, It is more personal to me than to you.

Some issue you hear make you think what connect a President to the life of a dog for not being well cared for by it owner. I was passing along the road to a barber’s shop some months ago, when a car hit a dog running out from the bush. The next thing I heard somebody said ”Na President Buhari cause am! Na him!” He was so serious with the looks on his face, and I was dumbfounded at my stand point, how?? And the next thing I heard from another man was, ” if no be hungry, na why dog to go find food for bush?”

“And another said if Goodluck Jonathan and PDP cohort no steal money na why dog suppose hungry?” And everyone was laughing because they all was able to convince seventy percent there by the use of their idea of little fact based on political difference.

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Now the question is Who should be blame?
[a] President Buhari
[b] Goodluck Jonathan
[c] The owner
[d] All Of the above with good reasons.

You are what you think! Let’s stop blaming President Buhari for what is not relevant, or pointing finger to predecessor. If you have to complain what more can you help your country develop?

You criticise your government for not doing this or done that, yet with what you have, you have never use your profession to give back to your society; neither have you helped any fellow in your entire life. Even while in the position to. All you care about is you and your family to eat alone, yet you are condemning a man whose concern is on every affairs of a nation, do you think you are making progress or you are earning fame?

Anyone can become a victim by circumstance, but what you do has nothing to do with the President of a Nation. Your personal success is your idea, your improvement, your commitment and you glory. Not what government imposes by policy but how you could as well overcome in a fallen economy.

Stop the discrimination Of President Buhari And Goodluck Jonathan. It wont help you neither will it improve the current state of Nigeria.